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by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Nataliya Romashko

Video Interview with Cover Model Nataliya Romashko

Nataliya Romashko, Alicia Melelani, Amanda Hugnkis, Amber Jacobs, Amy Mendez

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Jen Carvalho

Hustlin' with Heather Hirmer Ms. World Physique Interview

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Jessica Foley


Ms. World Physique Interview

Photo by Rachel Nadeau Delavue

WP:  Let’s begin with you telling us a little about yourself.  Go into detail.

HH: My name is Heather Hirmer. I began my training as a way to challenge myself to take my mind and body to the next level. My desire to succeed, coupled with my passion for living a healthy lifestyle has helped me believe you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. I understand that by helping others do the same, things will come back to you in return. That's why I began image consulting and training to help others find the confidence they need to get ahead. What goes around comes back around.

My true passion in life is to achieve all the things people said I could never do. I understand that life is way too short to not to give your dreams a chance! I enjoy hunting, fishing and working out. I understand the value of nutrition and working hard and I believe in what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Never giving up.

Training and competing in the fitness world has given me a way to express my true strength and confidence to the fullest! My goal is to make a impact on the fitness industry.
I am very open minded I will not judge you, I will find every good quality in you! I am very optimistic and love looking for the good in everything! I am also very determined to achieve all my goals in life!

WP: What made you decide to go into fitness?

HH:I have always looked up to the girls on ESPN and Fitness magazines and I told myself when I was younger, I want to be like those girls some day.. So I started studying the sport and googling everything about dieting and learned and became extremely passionate about it.

WP: What are your favorite exercises and why?

HH: I love jumping rope, it's so much fun, and you really work your entire body!
I also enjoy Circuit training workouts, where you are really able to work everything and get your heart rate up, combining things like; shoulder presses, squats, hanging leg raises, it is not easy but you can really feel the burn and see fast results.

WP:  You compete.  Can you tell me more about your history in it?

HH: Yes i do! In 2010 I won the overall in Bikini at the NPC North Star in Mn, I recently won the Overall in Bikini at 2011 Great North, Bikini America Muscle Mania show, I also competed in 2011 NPC Jr. Nationals and placed in top 15.

WP:  Are you planning to compete in the future?  If so, when, where, etc.

HH: For sure I love being able to take my body to the next level.. learning from my mistakes from previous shows.. Competing is fun you meet so many beautiful people and you learn so much. I love the challenge.. I plan on competing after November not sure what show yet, but I do plan on doing the Arnold Amateur next year.

WP: Do you have any advice to people that wishing to enter this industry as a competitor?

HH: Just have fun, smile! Be yourself, Learn! Become like a sponge.. Be passionate about what it is you want to achieve, enjoy the opportunity, believe in yourself.. Remember, it is a choice and a lifestyle change, take it one day at a time do not make excuses be accountable and you will reap the rewards. ( :

Photo by Rachel Nadeau Delavue

WP: What do you eat in a normal day?


Am-  Oatmeal with raisins and flax, 1/2 scoop protein, tablespoon of plain greek yogurt
Mid- Rice cake Peanut butter or protein shake

Lunch- Tuna or chicken breast with veggies
Mid- Veggies and Humus or apple
Dinner- Chicken or lean turkey burger, veggies, 1/2 sweet potato or brown rice

After dinner snack- Chocolate protein shake or protein pudding or Arctic Ice yum!

I try to focus on just fueling my body not necessarily about how good something is, I really listen to what my body is telling me.. If I'm hungry I eat and not go over board 6 small meals a day. I also try not to eat two hours before bed.. And lots and lots of water.

WP:  Give me a sample of your workout: (break it down)

Mon: Shoulders/Abs 45 min cardio

tue:  Legs/back 30 min HITT
wed:  Abs/ 25 min jump rope circuit with 4 different ab exercises
thur:  Circuit train for 30 min all body parts from jump squats to hanging leg raises to box jumps
fri:  Stairmaster 30 min/ abs

sat:  read my body if I'm tired I rest.. If not I do 30 min cardio and abs or Hit the pads and box a little with Josh

sun: Yoga 20 min cardio

WP: Do you allow yourself a cheat day, what do you like to eat on your cheat day?

HH: It just depends on how close I am to a show or a shoot, If I am 8 weeks out I look at my body and see what it looks and feels like, if I train heavy legs one day and do a lot of cardio and feel like my weight and physique look ok I will have a cheat meal.. But I don't go to over board. I don't feel like I really have to cheat I substitute a lot of things.. If I want brownies I just make my black bean brownies featured on my website.. Or if i want ice cream i have Arctic Ice.. There is always modification in making something healthy no matter what food it is. but if I'm going to go all out.. Chips and queso, mexican, thai food, soft chewy cookies and Dairy Queen Blizzards. Yummy!

WP: What supplements do you take?

HH: Octane Vitamin Energy Drink, you can purchase this on my website, it is by far the best supplement i have ever taken.. Moomiyo Russian herb for recovery, fish oil, protein, glutamine, multi vitamin, calcium, vitamin d.

WP: Could you tell me a story of how you have gotten where you are today?

HH: Growing up with not a lot of money and a single parent I learned very fast that everything you want in life you have to work hard to get. Because no one is going to do it for you, no hand outs, If you want something bad enough there is no excuses. I realized and became very competitive with myself, I new I wanted to achieve every goal in life and live life to the fullest so I would be able to prove to all the people that ever looked down upon me and didn't support or believe in me.. I also wanted to be able to council or volunteer to help teenagers or people that had struggled with emotional abuse or drugs and alcohol I wanted to let them know not to believe everything people say or what you hear, every one is going to have their own opinions.. Go with your own gut feeling and believe in your self be your self.. If I would have listened or believed those people that put me down I would never be where I am today.. Just run with it! what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger..

WP: Do you have anyone you can thank for helping you get where you are?

HH: The Lord Jesus Christ I put all my trust in him and ask him everyday how I can serve him and I just know everything will be ok..

WP: Where do you want to be in 5 years?

HH: Married with kids and having our own gym, where we can help people achieve their overall mind and body health.

Photo by Rachel Nadeau Delavue

WP:  Tell me about your future projects. Have any in sight?

HH: Yes, I plan on writing some health and exercise articles for a couple different magazines. Also work on my blogging for my website.

WP: Tell me about your boyfriend,Josh ?

HH:  He is an amazing person, he is so supportive and wants the best for me, he helps me with training and diet... We help each other, we are a great team and make fitness fun.. He is truly my best friend. Fortunately, Josh knows the game as a pro athlete in Mixed Martial Arts(MMA), He knows what it is like to train hard! We are able to push each other when times get tough.. I am lucky to have him.

WP: Who had the most impact on you growing up?

HH: Probably my mom.. She had to work her butt off to support my brother and I, she made me realize you can never depend on anyone else it is only you that can make your dreams come true. Then towards the end of my adolescent years, my Grandmother and Grandfather got Cancer with in 2 years apart, My mom turned to drugs and alcohol to solve her issues therefore I had to do a lot of things on my own.. It made me really appreciate life and what it has to offer.. She is now recovered and has overcome those obstacles.. But life hasn't always been so easy I never regret the past because it has made me me, I do not want people to feel sorry for that factor it has only made me extremely strong and I am able to mentor other people in similar situations and teach them their past is their past and that you can do anything if you do not make excuses and put your mind to it.

WP: Any shout outs?

HH: All my sponsors, Pro Sport Nutrition, Octane, Darque Tan, Innovative Direction In Health, Cabin Fever Sporting goods. My boyfriend Josh Janousek, all my beautiful family and friends!

WP: How can someone reach you if they wish to?  GIVE URLS: Myspace, facebook, websites, email address:

HH:Feel free to email me through www.heatherhirmer.com, I also have a fan page on facebook under Heather Hirmer.
WP: What is a couple proud moments in your life?

HH: Starting my own Business as a hair stylist and Image consultant.

Winning Bikini Overall at Bikini America.

WP:  Where do you want your modeling to take you in the future?

I want to be able to make a huge impact in the health, beauty and fitness industry, I would love to be able to get out there and help people.. Writing articles I believe will do that.. A goal on my vision board has been to be on a cover of a magazine, it will happen I am determined!

WP:  What plays on your iPod?

HH: I use Pandora, I just type in any song I want and a whole radio station appears with all different kinds of music, love it! I like up beat music like Edward Mya and Vika jigulana, Cascada, Kid rock, Tiesto, Morgan Page, Chevelle, Maroon 5, Fleetwood Mac, and some country.. Alison Krauss, Hank Williams Jr., Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley.

WP: What are your interests outside of this industry?

HH: I love mentoring and helping people achieve there goals in life, Hunting, Archery, Fishing, cooking, reading, church, and family.

WP: Is there anything else you would like to add?  Now is the time!

HH: I just want to say thank you everyone that has supported and believed in me! Also if you have any questions feel free to email me on www.heatherhirmer.com

WP:  You have been a pleasure to interview!  Thank you for your time and good luck in your future bodybuilding endeavors!

HH: Thank you for the opportunity to be Ms. World Physique.


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