Issue #83


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Nataliya Romashko

Video Interview with Cover Model Nataliya Romashko

Nataliya Romashko, Alicia Melelani, Amanda Hugnkis, Amber Jacobs, Amy Mendez

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Jen Carvalho

Hustlin' with Heather Hirmer Ms. World Physique Interview

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Jessica Foley


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez


The final show on our schedule was in Miami, great city for shoots and always a favorite to travel to.

Wanted to thank to all the models that showed up for shoots and also our newest sponsored competitor Mabel Gonzalez who keeps proving to be a great athlete and model.

Understanding Modeling Opportunities

Many models do not realize what is a good and a bad modeling opportunity. In most cases models wan to compete first of all but that will cost them money. They break their back to compete every year and get no financial return. We can all have hobbies where we spend money and don't get a return but we would all love to have some type of sponsor in order to finance our hobby.

Nowadays print magazines are the worst way of promotion since the readers have shrunk in numbers and they are not visible in other countries. Federations create the hype about them and competitors fall into thinking its the best idea. When modeling and spending time and money on your physique you might want to get your money back.

Not all modeling will pay, the fitness industry is known to be the worst paid but there are some jobs here and there. Very few companies sponsor competitors and it becomes hard to find one that is consistent. Many new companies think spending money like drunken sailors is going to work. The end result is bankruptcy and we have seen many companies gone and many of the big ones are constantly in red numbers.

When getting a modeling opportunity you must think how is that company making its money back. If there seems to be no logic don't take the job. Don't be afraid to ask. Also in many cases companies have very specific needs in ads and they can have multiple candidates for a job and will weave thru them. It is your choice if you want to spend the time on it or not. This might mean you will have to work very hard for nothing or for something small. Rarely will a modeling job change your life and income significantly.

Best advise is to live in planet earth and never to fantasize that modeling or competing can make you a millionaire. But modeling can you give you a few thousand and competing will take away a few thousand...


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