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by Juan Carlos Lopez

Campeonato Selectivo Nacional 2005 San Luis Potosi

Campeonato Selectivo Nacional 2005 San Luis Potosi Review / Reseña

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Campeonato Selectivo Nacional 2005 Review

En Español

One of the main shows in Mexico was held this time in San Luis Potosi in the state of the same name. Last year this contest was held in Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco. San Luis Potosi is a small city but the event was held in the outskirts of the industrial area. As far as accomodations, the main hotel Maria Dolores was of pretty good quality as competitors stayed there mostly.

Consuelo Rojas

The show started 1:30 minutes late on Saturday rather than 2pm it started at 3:30pm. Contests are held a little bit differently in Mexico than in other countries and there are reasons for that. The event included figure, fitness and women's bodybuilding. The figure had two types: novice figure and a classified by height division. The novice competitors were all in the same class and only the top 10 were kept on stage. The rest were elminated on round 1. Coming unto the classified figure competitors the favorite was short class Guanajuato competitor Consuelo Rojas who had won Guadalajara's Musclemania V. Consuelo brings an impressive physique that could challenge any IFBB Figure Pro. The other competitor who looked really good was Reyna Chavez Romero in the tall class. For the novice competitors it seemed as Magdalena Cordova Avendano would be the winner and Sissi Muñoz Silva would take a strong second. For the Fitness Master it was really easy as local competitor Josefina Hernandez had it wrapped up easily.

Sissi Muñoz Silva

Going into Fitness there were only about 5 competitors and only 4 got to do routines as the 5th one was eliminated. The winner of each class who her class easily, no questions asked. Lourdes Gaytan from the tall class had a very colorful and well developed routine depicting an Aztec warrior. There was even a bikini national winner but only two competitors competed so it seemed like the other girls thought of the bikini division as a joke.

Maria del Carmen Gomez Segura

Female Bodybuilding was dominated by middleweight Maria del Carmen Gomez Segura who showcased an excellent physique that could compete against some of the top IFBB Pros. Her symmetry and conditioning was right on spot, it is a real pleasure to see such a physique on stage. Both Imelda Jimenez Magaña (lightweight) and Silvia Chavez Terrazas brought in longer slender physiques and showcased a good amount of symmetry, giving Imelda 2nd place and Silvia 1st in their respective classes.

On Sunday the finals started at 12:23 but where scheduled at 11:00am. By now the novice figure girls were down to top 10 and the rest who hadn't made it only competed in round 1. The classified competitors in figure got to compete in rounds 2 and 3 with their two piece and one piece respectively. Round 1 is a black bikini and this format is used in Canadian Figure contests as well. The routines for fitness were scheduled for the finals and there was a lot of judging involved in the finals, something we don't normally see in U.S. and Canadian contests.

Guadalupe Valencia

There are a lot of little things that are hard to understand if you have attended other type of contests this being a different federation it has it's own rules and regulations. For the time being we will hope Mexico will stay on top of it's game and competitors such as Consuelo Rojas will get more exposure.


Claudia Martinez


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