Issue #75


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Laura Marenco

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Jayme Galloway

Sheri Vucick's Fitness Journey
by Sheri Vucick

Laura Marenco, Nicole Pearson, Valerie Torres, Carrie Schindley & Jill Theobald

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Amy Rozier


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

So do you think you are model?

So here is a hard subject to tackle but it is something that should be address in the fitness industry. So who call herself a model? if you do a photoshoot does that mean you are a model? Absolutely not. There is so much to modeling and specially fitness modeling. Not only do you have to look good but you also have to be able to understand the project in hand. Here are some points that you can take as facts for future reference.

-A real model receives a form of payment usually as money
-A real model does not care about what she thinks about the images but what the client thinks
-A real model understands what she signs and will never refute it
-A real model does not allow an agent/manager control her work opportunities, she takes her own decisions
-A real model replies promptly to all inquiries, even if she is going to decline it
-A real model does her homework and never brings an escort during shoot
-A real model communicates about the upcoming job and what she has to wear

There will be more depending on the situation, I do recall one time Tyra Banks lectured another upcoming model about how she as a model didn't care about her personal opinion with images on a billboard and that all she cared was getting paid and being professional with the client who hired her.

So if you really want to become a model, it is a different world, you have to treat it as a full time job even if it not one. Communication is always the key to being a great model, the better you communicate the better the shoot you will have.

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