Issue #74


by Juan Carlos Lope

2011 Arnold Expo Candids

20 Questions with Cover Model Erin Garrett

Video Interview with Cover Model Erin Garrett

Video Interview with Amateur Bodybuilder Robin Hillis

Interview with Pro Bodybuilder Claire O'Connell
by Ian Ascher

Erin Garrett, Erin Frame, Jayme Galloway, Jennifer Dietrick & Shiela Beavers

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Amber Milenkoff


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The Arnold Expo

It was as usual hectic, and full of many many booth, probably the most I have seen. The other part that makes the Arnold the biggest show ever in fitness is their media covering show. The Olympia needs to be more open about this otherwise they are never going to get close to the Arnold classic. Thx to everyone who stopped by our HardFitness booth, and thx to all the ladies who worked the booth.

Women's Bodybuilding Dead?

Rumor was rampant that this might have been the last Pro Women's Bodybuilding at the Arnold. The new physique division seems to be looking for oversized figure girls and bodybuilders who are lightweight and middleweights. This is only going to fuel more complaining about politics. How can Iris Kyle not be the best on stage? If she competes in pro physique she will be last? where is the standard for that? she has great symmetry.

I guess reality and all athletes need to realize is that federations will only stay alive by making money. The lack of interest in women's bodybuilding and rise in bikini has done all this. We shall see what happens when the first physique show starts.


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