Issue #70


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Ann Pratt

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Amanda Vassallo

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Nicole Pearson

Ann Pratt, Jennifer Rankin, Betsy Arnaiz, Jessica Starr, Jennifer Sofio

Elite Fitness and Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Video Interview with Pro Bikini Jennifer Dietrick


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

A contractual issue

Welcome to the real world, for all those that are reading this anyone that really considers themselves professional then when doing business with someone there must be some type of agreement or contract.

In most cases in this fitness industry there is nothing in writing and people don't understand what they signed. Supplement companies have lost thousands of dollars because sometimes their officials don't have any formal education. Some ex-competitors get an investor but don't do the homework regarding the proper paperwork to follow. They will fly a competitor to work their booth but won't realize that that competitor can flake out and their money will be lost as most airlines don't permit name changes to a ticket.

Now the rules are laid by companies before you purchase a flight and it says you cannot change names. Another example is Facebook, where there are fake profiles, posted pictures without any authorization by copyright owner and etc. When reporting fake profiles Facebook has a link on each profile that you can click to report fake profiles. But what probably happens is that it all goes on a database that a human has to check. Knowing companies out here in Silicon Valley they are probably understaffed so that request will not be addressed until a few months later. It has been reported in their system as low priority. High priority is gonna be their functionality so their site works well.

Now a lot of competitors always contact companies or individuals demanding things to get done right away. But ladies DO NOT do that, it only going to make you sound as unprofessional and will NEVER be in your favor. A simple request is fine and DO NOT use emotions even if the matter has upset you. Be smart about what you sign, as once you signed it legally there is nothing you can do.





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