Issue #69


by Juan Carlos Lope

Roseanne Desmarais Cover Model Bio
by Sarah Wade

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Betsy Arnaiz

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with Pro Bodybuilder Kristen Mele

Roseanne Desmarais, Emily Nicholson, Erin Garrett, Mallory Berger, Tiffany Ryan

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Rachel Ettinger


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez


First and foremost, this issue is dedicated to the memory of a personal friend and bodybuilder Roseanne Desmarais. A car accident a few weeks ago was a total shock to everyone. Her and I spoke about thru text about shooting at the Olympia. Little did I know that would have been my last contact with her. She had emailed me as well about some photos she had lost and wanted me to resend them. This was exactly the last I ever heard until a friend told me about the sad news.

We have been thru several deaths in the fitness modeling industry in particular I remember Florida model Amy Bates who died in a car accident in December 2006, Amanda Savell in 2008 who was murdered and September 2010 Roseanne Desmarais. Those are low numbers out of the thousands of models/competitors that are out there but those who have left are still remembered.

Of the 3 above I knew Roseanne the best and knew her on a very personal level. Great person didn't hate anyone, great soul and was very in peace with who she was and what she was doing. She will be surely be missed and this issue includes a great bio by her daughter Sarah Wade. This is the first issue to EVER include a female bodybuilder on the cover, and Roseanne is a great first.

R.I.P. Roseanne Desmarais



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