Issue #69


by Juan Carlos Lope

Roseanne Desmarais Cover Model Bio
by Sarah Wade

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Betsy Arnaiz

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with Pro Bodybuilder Kristen Mele

Roseanne Desmarais, Emily Nicholson, Erin Garrett, Mallory Berger, Tiffany Ryan

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Rachel Ettinger


Roseanne Desmarais Cover Model Bio by Sarah Wade

Roseanne Desmarais

Roseanne Blackburn, known to most by her married name Roseanne Desmarais. She was a mother, daughter, sister, cousin, best friend, trainer, and even an inspirational figure. She tried hard for every accomplishment she ever made, she set her mind to it and didn't stop working toward it until she reached her goal. A dedicated woman, kind hearted and lovable. Almost any person she met, she touched their hearts. Before she had me she had a hard life, she left school in grade ten when she began working with the carnival, which is where she met my father. At the age of nineteen she had me and settled down in Terrace, where she went back to school to complete her grade 11 and 12 education to graduate in the high school called Caledonia. As a mother she tried hard to raise me to be the best I could be she wanted me to succeed, she wanted me to grow up and become successful. She was dedicated to teaching me to read before I was even old enough to go to school, but she made it fun, she made learning fun for me which was the building blocks of school being fun, and that helps in the success and good grades I have now. The only person I have to thank is my mom, for being there as I grew up. She raised me as a single parent from the age of two.

Roseanne Desmarais

She became a nurse after we moved to Kamloops when I was four. And at that time because she was so dedicated to my education she went and enrolled me in grade one at the age of four, it was quite a few months before they realized my true age, my mom was devastated when they put me into kindergarten because she knew I had the ability to keep up with the older kids. When I was seven my mother met Mike, they were good together, they dated for a while and then he moved in. That's when my mom started really working out, she was the one who got mike interested in bodybuilding, they worked out together all the time. They got bigger and bigger and their reputation in the sport grew, they went to more and more competitions and that's when mom started winning things and feeling great about herself, which in turn helped her work harder and place higher until she reached the point she was at. But even though she worked hard with her body building she never completely ignored me. I moved in with my dad for two years then moved back to kamloops not even a year ago.

Roseanne Desmarais

I recently turned sixteen and for my sixteenth birthday she had bought me the most random present but I loved it the most,she remembered my favorite fruit and when I opened the bag I actually squealed in delight because I had not seen one in years and I was so amazed my mom remembered.... It was the last birthday I'll ever celebrate with my mother some people's sweet sixteen is important to them because they can finally get their learners license, mine will be important because it was the last one I'll have with my mom. She died at the young age of only 35. Way to young to go, but these things happen, no one expects to die quite that early but it can happen, if I've learnt anything from this it's to leave nothing unsolved and no regrets behind, don't hold grudges, forgive, love, and inspire just like my mom did.

Roseanne Desmarais


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