Issue #66


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Sydney Moses

Video Interview with Amateur Bodybuilder Salla Kauranen

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Lindsay Nader

Sydney Moses, Stephanie Magoon, Taylor Matheny, Diane Kazer, Ginette Delhaes

Ursula Alberto A Fitness Champion:
by Ursula Alberto

Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter
by Greg




Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The Real World

The 2010 World Cup is in full force, the finals approaching closely. I still strongly believe Argentina will beat Brazil 2-1 in overtime (England was on the same side of the Argentina leg). But again I must stop as I have to reiterate how huge this event is and how small anything in the world of bodybuilding is.

The Death of Print Magazines

Anyone who thinks print magazines is a stronger form of media than the internet is a fool. The reach of the internet is unlimited while print magazines have a limited distribution. Imagine making the internet available for only 10,000 people and after that there is no more access to a site. Also lets add that you only leave that content for 1 month and then replace it with new content each month instead of leaving it available anytime. Someone asked me what is better shooting for a magazine or a website. I said the website will give you more views and will stay there possibly forever giving you many more eyes looking at you. Some print magazines in our industry want to make it a very elite thing and only pick certain girls and tell their girls to do this or that if they want to get printed. That is fair game but printed magazines don't pay photographers or models too much, it's really an illusion I have made more money off the internet hourly than what any print magazines could ever pay me to work with them.

Television: The Media bodybuilding never touched

All games are transmitted free on open TV in regards to the World Cup and guess what the whole word watches each feed on their own country. The advertising power is enormous, and bodybuilding has never ever touched that form of media. ESPN the magazines has more subscribers than any bodybuilding magazine, Penthouse too and even Hustler. But TV is a real business, no one has been able to do anything with bodybuilding as it won't generate any money. Back in 2005 The Road to the Pros tried to create something and spent the money of an investor who didn't realize there was no money there. The show never aired, was never edited and it all went downhill. Recently Warner Brothers got in touch with a pro competitor from LA and gathered interviews and had a timeline of their show but once more it died down and nothing ever happened. Some competitors started to create something with the American Gladiators but the show was cancelled as people were not interested in watching it. Where did those competitors go? Nowhere, they are making no money now from that or anything related. The World Cup touches TV and of course the internet, many internet sites have exclusive pictures as the FIFA runs a great business and understands the importance of all types of media, even radio.

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