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by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Courtney Bynog

Video Interview with Amateur Figure and ex-Pro Soccer Player Diane Kazer

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Stephanie Magoon

Courtney Bynog, Zhanna Rotar, Julie Lee, Myschon Bales & Sydney Moses

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Sydney Moses

Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter
by Greg




Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter by Greg Hasberry



  Instructions on preparing your skin for your Competition Airbrush Spray Tan

  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and your slides.  DO NOT wear RED. 
    • The RED dye in cotton can tend to turn your skin Green.
  • Men should bring an old posing suit to be sprayed in.  If you do not have one, Paper trunks or a sock (new) will be available :)
  • Women can be sprayed nude due to competing in different posing suits.
  • Bring extra linens to sleep on so you will not soil the hotel’s property.  These can also be used In your vehicle as not to mess up your armrests or center console.
  • Bring something to sleep in that is long sleeved and has long pants.  Something that is made of a light cotton or silk is great.  You will be less likely to mess up your color if you sleep with clothing on.  If you sleep in the nude you have a chance of ending up with hand prints on yourself!
  • Please prepare for your Spray Tan by showering and exfoliating your body from head to toe.  Do not forget to scrub your back.  Come to us with clean, dry skin.  No Body lotions, deodorant, or make-up.
  • If you are using ProTans’s “Get Buffed” or JanTana’s "Neutralizing Scrub" or “Pre Tan Scrub” (same products) to exfoliate, please follow the instructions on the bottles.  We will have JanTana's 'Neutralizing Scrub'. available for purchase.  (10.00 ea)  If you need this product, we can mail it out to you ahead of time (good idea!) or we will have it available at our room at the Hotel.  You can come get it and then go back to your room and take a shower and use it.  Your Competition Color will go on better and last longer if you are using this product. (No LIE!)  Also, it will reduce that 'muddy' effect that competitors seem to get after wearing their color for long periods of time.  If you are using other scrub products, make sure that they do not have any perfumes or oils in them. 
  • For the women we will have JanTana's Hi-Definition Make-up Concealer, Foundation and Tattoo Cover Creme available for purchase. ($35.00)  This product is also great for covering up stretch marks.  Also available will be the Glaze spray for the figure competitors. ($10.00)  It goes on lighter than the gel.

 DO NOT put on deodorant Before or After applying Color. Deodorant will raise the skin's pH and turn your arm pits green!

  •  You have to have shaved at least 6 hours before your Spray Tan.  You cannot shave after your color is applied.
  • Once you have your Competition Color on, you will not be taking a shower until after your competition is over..
  • If we are in a hotel room, we will text or call you with our room number when we arrive.


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