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by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Courtney Bynog

Video Interview with Amateur Figure and ex-Pro Soccer Player Diane Kazer

Kim's Kounseling Korner
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Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Stephanie Magoon

Courtney Bynog, Zhanna Rotar, Julie Lee, Myschon Bales & Sydney Moses

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Sydney Moses

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Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

This is going to be a very calm year for shows but not for the World Cup! It is unreal the amount of money made from this event and also the amount of exposure it receives. Of all sports there is no event that gets more viewers in the entire world. Forget the Super Bowl or World Series. The whole world is watching the World Cup, the finals is possibly the most watched sporting event in the human world.

There are several reasons as to why this event is above and beyond anything in the bodybuilding world. The secret is that most men in most countries play soccer, barely any of them bodybuild or train in the gym even. I played soccer for many years and play a few times per year. My time is limited and a gym workout is a good way to stay healthy soccer is a lot of running and lots of calories lost. If you want to have more muscle and be able to build a better physique soccer won't help. There is a balance though, playing for a shorter time will get you a better workout and you won't loose to much muscle. I think in most cases I used to get into the game and didn't want to quit until I scored a goal so it could have been 2 hrs of playing.

Back to the topic at hand the media is handled very differently. Hundreds of media specially internet media has access to it. Every country has 1 or more feeds with different commentators. There is not politics around it in most cases, yes there can be some but its very professional. And business is dealt properly, we don't see 2 competing channels from the same country stab each other in the back. There is competition but its more professional. In other words it takes true professionals to run such a large event in order to make it that huge. Bodybuilding is a speck compared to the World Cup and the different methods of marketing are totally different.

Bodybuilding magazines are in the pre-cambrian ages compared to the Internet websites. In Mexico www.mediotiempo.com gets way more hits and tons more important news than any bodybuilding news portal. Reality hasn't sunk in the world of bodybuilding yet, but they must face it one day the internet is larger and not being able to go mainstream will be their doom.

My prediction for the World Cup will be a final possibly (without knowing the seeding) Argentina vs England and the winner will be Argentina.


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