Issue #63


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Melissa Marx

Video Interview with IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Colette Nelson

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with Amateur Australian Competitor Sara Picken

Melissa Marx, Genevieve Brodeur, Ginette Delhaes, Cecilia Benjaminson & Helene Ahlson

Introducing Michelle Ould MMA Fighter
by Michelle Ould

Video Interview with Fitness Model Monica Goe



Michelle Ould MMA Fighter by Michelle Ould

Michelle Ould

Hey there, my name is Michelle Ould and I am a professional MMA fighter out of Sacramento, Ca. I moved there this past year to follow my dream and it has been a great year for me! I train out of Ultimate Fitness, home of Urijah Faber and quite a few other talented professional fighters. I am currently 4-2 pro, no ammy fights, 1st place champion of Intermediate and Advanced No-Gi Naga 2009, Silver medalist Advanced division Grapplers Quest 2009, & 1st place medalist Blood Brothers Tournament womens division 2010. I juggle my training with being a single parent of two awesome boys and being a never ending student, and once in a while modeling. I have never done fitness modeling although I would like to in the future, however the work involved in my sport gives me great results naturally and I find the training a lot more entertaining than lifting weights alone.

I recently found out that I have a huge fight coming up May 16th in Porterville, Ca which gives me about 6 weeks to prepare! That is the perfect window of time for training camp! The things I will be focusing on is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 5days a week, wrestling 3 days a week, muay thai 5 days a week, and all around mma classes 5 days a week. Cardio is a huge factor for MMA athletes and I will be pushing my cardio every day! Including circuit training is key to this along with running. That’s all I do on Sundays is run. I implement weights in my circuit training but not too heavy…bulkiness does not help me in this sport!

Michelle Ould

My diet is clean and consists of a lot of protein to repair the damage I put my body through on a daily basis 6 days a week. I eat oatmeal mixed with flaxseed and bee pollen every morning with a side of egg whites which keeps me going through the earlier training sessions,  and I keep very hydrated and pack my organic fuel with me so that I can get my 6 small meals in so my glycemic levels don’t crash. Vitamins and supplements are also key for MMA athletes, and a lot of chiropractic adjustments and massages are necessary on a regular basis! I obviously don’t indulge much within these 6 weeks which can be hard due to my love of wine and chocolate! But that’s a no!

Michelle Ould

Weight is a little different for those involved in this sport as well, however I have heard that figure competitors also cut weight before competition. Up until the week before my fight I am trying to maintain at 134-133 before I cut down to 125. I like to be bigger than my opponent. I only cut water weight, not muscle, and then rehydrate with coconut water as it is identical to human blood plasma and can be used as an IV! For right now I am not at all concerned with my weight, only my training and making sure I peak perfectly before my fight. This is also the time to condition myself mentally for the feat ahead of me. It is my job and has been pretty profitable thus far and it’s only getting better! Thanks to the help from those at Hardfitness.com and many of my other sponsors and supporters I have the opportunity to follow my dream every day and remain healthy and competitive in the fastest growing sport in the world1 I hope you guys follow me on this journey, I will keep you updated as much as possible and appreciate any and all questions, suggestions, and even fans to come see me perform!

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