Issue #62


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Figure Nicole Pearson

2010 Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur Photos and Results

2010 Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur Review

2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro Photos and Results

2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro Review

Video Interview with Cover Model and NPC Figure Nicole Pearson

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Pam Wentz

Nicole Pearson, Karly Woodle, Mona Muresan, Monica Goe, Chelsey Coleman

Interview with Linda Fodor Pro Figure
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with Sweden Figure Cecilia Benjaminson

Elite Fitness Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Video Interview with Sweden Figure Helene Ahlson


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Arnold 2010

It was a good show, with decent traffic at our double booth 1105, 1107. Thanks to everyone that helped at booth and show.

Follow the rules?

A few things that I have noticed not only at the shows but also around the industry is that rules are not set or followed. This is really where people start having problems. Some rules are followed with certain people but sometimes with friends and family they are bent. And that is exactly what should not happen. If you promote a show you have a number of guest seats available use those for family and friends. Allowing someone to come in just because you know them does not help looking professional.

I run a booth at shows and have very set rules that I won't bend no matter what, many booth owners bend them or don't even make them. Also with photoshoots you can see my portfolio before the shoot happens and everything is explained in details. The release form also finishes off explaining more.

But really, why do people avoid following rules and being unprofessional about them? It seems to be the fact that they don't understand what professionalism is. For example if you promote a show and you have a deadline for entry fee and you allow a family or friend register after the deadline then you are unprofessional. In any place that does not have corporate law around you will find unprofessional behavior. The fitness industry is probably the worst at being professional, it just seems people are not educated as well or have not been in a corporate environment. You have to give it to government if you don't have certain requirements you can't do certain things. For example if you want to get on a plane you need a plane ticket, if you want to pass to boarding gates you must go thru security. You also need to have a picture ID to even get to security. And these rules are not bent because you are an experienced flyer or buddy of the person working. There are cameras too watching the workers do their job, in the fitness industry many people that control things are not under supervision.

If you want to set a good example and be professional make a lot of rules and follow them.

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