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by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Figure Nicole Pearson

2010 Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur Photos and Results

2010 Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur Review

2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro Photos and Results

2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro Review

Video Interview with Cover Model and NPC Figure Nicole Pearson

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Pam Wentz

Nicole Pearson, Karly Woodle, Mona Muresan, Monica Goe, Chelsey Coleman

Interview with Linda Fodor Pro Figure
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with Sweden Figure Cecilia Benjaminson

Elite Fitness Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Video Interview with Sweden Figure Helene Ahlson


Interview with Sweden Pro Figure Linda Fodor by Anne Pietila

Linda Fodor

1. So Linda, you turned pro last year and decided to make your pro debut only a year after you gave birth. You also had quite a long time since you stood last time on stage. What was your game plan to this show and what did you want to bring compared to the last time, some changes you wanted to make?

- At first it was just trying, doing and seeing how everything goes as I had no clue how my body would react after the pregnancy and how would it be to fit together motherhood and contest prep. But because everything went pretty well and I saw my body reacting with the way I wanted, I thought that it really is not impossible to do a contest only 11 months after giving a birth. My plan was simply to take and face everything as it was during the prep and take myself to the shape and conditioning I have had last time in a figure show. 

2. You chose to make your pro debut at Phoenix even though there is a lot of pro figure shows during this year. Why Phoenix?

- Because I got my pro card just before I got my daughter, I needed enough time to get in shape again. It would have been too hard to make the debut during the same year (last year ) but on the other hand, I did not want to wait til April / May cause it would have been more difficult to stay focused and extremely motivated having the goal too far away.

3. Could you please tell more about your prep to this show, how was it?

- This was absolutely the easiest and funniest contest prep I have ever had. For the first time ever I gave myself enough time to get in contest shape. I listened to my body and gave enough time. Earlier I used to push my body harder and harder every week and took calories down if I had not lost that much fat during the week. Now I did not do that. Now I gave my body time to do the changes. With this way my body worked much better and it never went into any super high stress levels. The last weeks in this prep I did not even calculate the calories, I was much stronger at gym work outs, was able to lift heavier, had much more rest than I used to have during the preps and did much less cardio than I used to do. My journey to my pro debut started 23rd March 2009, in other words right after my daughter was born. I waited 6,5 weeks before I started training with weights, in the beginning cardio sessions were light and short because I had to let my body to recover from the pregnancy. To be on maternity leave and prepping for a contest is a good combination – you have so much time!

4. Before the show, what was your goal and expectations both placing wise and concerning your own package?

- My goal was to get as conditioned as I had been earlier on stage, anything else would not be acceptable in my world. Placement wise, I would lie if I said I did not hope for TOP 3 but I did know that the line up will be really competitive so I was ready for everything between heaven and earth.

Linda Fodor

5. Then the big day came, your pro debut show! How did it finally felt to step on pro stage? I mean that IS something every amateur girl dream about!

- For me it was like any other contest, just with a bit different posing from what we had on IFBB amateur shows. I think it was not that big thing for me as it is not so freaking difficult to earn the pro card in Sweden and somehow I had not even dreamed about turning pro that much –  it was just a next step after my amateur career.

6. Could you please tell me more about the whole contest from your point of view?

- The days before the show and the contest itself was a really positive experience for me. It was such a pleasure to meet all these girls and I also met a lot of amazing kind people. I enjoyed a lot of the contest and it was nice to do these quarter turns alone on stage during the presentation round and get a bit more time for yourself on stage, that is something which they do not have at IFBB amateur contests. The promoter and whole backstage crew created a good atmosphere and made us really feel important and something special…specially with all that loading food! The atmosphere was really good on backstage, even better than I ve experienced in other shows. It’s amazing how competitors were happy for each other’s success.

Linda Fodor

7. You placed finally 8th in a BIG line up. Were you satisfied with your placing? What about your own package, presentation, conditioning etc, you were happy with those?

- I am satisfied with 8th even though I dreamed about winning! I am extremely happy with my conditioning and the package I presented on stage. But I felt I need to work on my presentation a bit more as somehow I did not feel so comfortable in ”the model turns”.

8. Now having your very first pro show behind you, do you regret something or is there something you would have done differently or hoped something go differently? I mean trough my eyes, I would have taken more comparisons!

- Yes, as you say, I would rather had a bit more comparisons. It felt a bit weird that all the judges were so sure about TOP 5 that no one outside of the first call out got compared with them. But otherwise, I feel I did my all and everything and very best to reach my goal and I don't regret anything. But of course now afterwards you always find something you can improve with

9. Then, what's your next show and your plans for this whole year?
- Before my pro debut I had set up a goal to compete also in May, August, October and November, but now I do not know any more somehow! I have started working again after my 15 months’ maternity leave and now at first I just want to get back in my work mode and then see how it is to combine training, motherhood and work without getting extremely stressed. In other words, I can’t say anything sure about my upcoming contests yet.

Linda Fodor

10. Thank you so much! Is there anything you would like to add?

- I want to thank a few persons who have meant  extremely much during my journey. First of all, my husband Mats who has been there for me all the time and supported me always. I can guarantee I am not the easiest person on earth every day! Then I want to thank my training partner / PT Christoffer who has been motivating me to work harder and offered me some good ideas with my work outs. Then a huge thank to my suit designer Anita and to my amazing friends Pia, Monika, Ulrika and Ingrid. Also my sponsors Optimum Nutrition, Better Bodies and Celsius deserve a big THANK YOU!


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