Issue #6


by HardFitness

2005 Chicago Jr. Nationals Contest Coverage

2005 Chicago Jr. Nationals Review
by HardFitness

Tanning Video, Part 3 by Shelly Leversage

Can Caffeine Make You Stronger?
by Allison Jones

Video Interview: Randi Post

Training for the Emerald Cup and Interview
by Karen Patten

First National Show Experience: Taking 2nd Class A at Jr. Nationals
by Alex Galvez

Muscularity by Shelly Pinkerton

My Journey to Turning Pro
by Amy Peters

20 Questions with our Cover Model by Andrea Giacomi

Video Interview: Andrea Giacomi HardFitness Sponsored Athlete

Video Interview: Breean Loepp

Fitness Competitors: Help Prevent Injuries
by Kristi Wills

Interview with Traci Redding, a pro physique, competing in the amateur division

Andrea Giacomi, Monica Guerra, Shelly Pinkerton, Traci Saba and Zhanna Rotar

Video Interview: Jodi Miller speaks up

Video Interview: Sarah Dunlap about Female Bodybuilding

Jr. Nationals Experience by Andrea Giacomi

Video Interview: Nikki Warner

Motivation: It is no Myth
by Jodi Leigh Miller



Tanning Video Part 3 by Shelly Leversage

To see a more detailed demonstration please check out the links below

Tanning Part 1

Tanning Part 2

READ why Lion-In-the-Sun is
"The Must Have Health and Beauty Accessory of the Year"

Works to apply: sun blocks, moisturizers, massage creams/gels, self-tanners, skin bronzers (Dream Tan), oils, vasculizers, the possibilities are endless!

VERSATILE! Shower with the fabric side for an invigorating back cleanse, it can even be used with hair removing creams, gels or mousse!

Lion-In-the-Sun makes a perfect gift!

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About Shelly...

Shelly Leversage

Born in the "Summer of '69"
Grew up in Richmond, B.C.
Married in '94
Two children: Katrina (7) and Tyler (5)
Height: 5' 4.5"
Weight: 118lbs off season and 110 lbs on season
Occupations: Business owner/inventor, Ty-Kat Designs (Lion-In-the-Sun Lotion
Applicators), and Dental Hygienist

Proudest moment: Hearing my kids say that they "love me so much, and are lucky to have me as their mommy", they are the reason I am striving to meet my goals! (they deserve the most that life has to offer).

I have lifted weights (I asked for 10lb dumbbells for my 8th birthday, thanks to Charles Atlas on T.V.), and played numerous sports most of my childhood years. I became more involved in weight training in my late teens. However, it wasn't until 2002 that I started training to compete.

I competed in WNSO 2003 (Vancouver, World Natural Sports Organization) placing 2nd in the women's Light Weight Class. My Second competition was the FVF Femsport 2003 competition in Vancouver (I trained so differently for this and I loved it!). I will be competing next year, once I get my Lion-In-the-Sun product soaring.

I love competing, there is nothing that I have every done in my life that can compare to the exhilaration that I feel up on stage.

I was amazed by the incredible changes to my body that I saw every morning I woke up. What a great motivator. My body was transforming right before my own eyes. I owe so much to my trainers and nutrition counselors: Dawn Allison, Martin Crowder and Brent Axman. For without their professional care I could never have achieved 6% body fat while maintaining my Lean Mass.

I invented a product called Lion-In-the-Sun while preparing for my 1st competition. . . My life's path has changed as a result! I am now actively pursuing my dream of making my creation become a success. If you read my article you will certainly understand what motivates me. I have never worked harder in my life then I have these last 3 years (training and building a business). But I can honestly say that I have enjoyed and grown in so many ways as a result of my dedication and determination. I look forward to what the future will hold for me and for my family.

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