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by HardFitness

2005 Chicago Jr. Nationals Contest Coverage

2005 Chicago Jr. Nationals Review
by HardFitness

Tanning Video, Part 3 by Shelly Leversage

Can Caffeine Make You Stronger?
by Allison Jones

Video Interview: Randi Post

Training for the Emerald Cup and Interview
by Karen Patten

First National Show Experience: Taking 2nd Class A at Jr. Nationals
by Alex Galvez

Muscularity by Shelly Pinkerton

My Journey to Turning Pro
by Amy Peters

20 Questions with our Cover Model by Andrea Giacomi

Video Interview: Andrea Giacomi HardFitness Sponsored Athlete

Video Interview: Breean Loepp

Fitness Competitors: Help Prevent Injuries
by Kristi Wills

Interview with Traci Redding, a pro physique, competing in the amateur division

Andrea Giacomi, Monica Guerra, Shelly Pinkerton, Traci Saba and Zhanna Rotar

Video Interview: Jodi Miller speaks up

Video Interview: Sarah Dunlap about Female Bodybuilding

Jr. Nationals Experience by Andrea Giacomi

Video Interview: Nikki Warner

Motivation: It is no Myth
by Jodi Leigh Miller


Jr. Nationals Experience by Andrea Giacomi

The Jr. Nationals in Chicago was my first National level show I competed in. Actually it was my first time in Chicago and my first time flying so I was excited but nervous about the flying part. I've heard the horror stories about others losing their luggage when flying so I carefully packed my carry-on items with my "must haves" for the show. Brought all my food in a cooler which definitely helped. All my tanning products, suits and make-up in the other carry on.

The flight went well, left out of LAX Thursday morning. I stayed at the Hyatt Regency where the show was held. This made it very convenient. Did not have to worry about driving or catching a cab. Friday evening was the prejudging in our 1-piece, Saturday morning was the prejudging in our 2-piece and back that evening in our 2-piece for the finals. I really like having the prejudging split up in 2 days. It seems like more regional level shows are going to that because of the high turnout of figure competitors. I've competed at
some shows where the prejudging almost runs right into the night show. (talk about a long day). The show was so well organized and all the staff were very helpful. They even had some people from

ProTan back stage to help with oil and final touch-ups. Time frames were exact and everything ran so smooth. At intermission for the night show Sandy Ranalli promoter/head judge had a critique session. Many of the figure/fitness competitors attended this meeting to find out what they could do to improve and better
them selves in the future. There were so many emotions going on in that room. Some were crying, some were upset and others were happy. She talked about everything from genetics playing the biggest role in competing to how we need to be proud of what we have accomplished to get us where we are today.
There were over 130 figure competitors at the Jr. Nationals this year. The level of conditioning and muscularity was good to see. Alot different from most of the regional shows I have been to. Even though I did not place very well I am glad I did the show. With every show I do, I learn more about my body and what I can do to improve for next time. This is a self gratifying sport for me, so improving my physique with every show pleases me.

I also want to thank JC for sponsoring me at the Jr. Nationals. Competing can get so expensive as we all know. Thanks JC for your support, hard work and awesome photos!!!

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About the Author...

Andrea Giacomi just competed at Jr. Nationals in Chicago. She is an excellent competitor who improves at every show. A very intelligent and very reliable competitor. One interesting thing about Andrea is that she has a lot of muscle and had no trouble stepping on stage with other seasoned National level competitors.

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