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by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 Jr. Nationals Photos and Results

2009 Jr Nats Review

Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Mascha Tieken
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Andrea Thiel

Video Interview NPC Bodybuilder Laurie Smith

Mascha Tieken, Michelle Watson, Meagan Swain, Clenet Vaughn & Jenny Lynn

Video Interview with NPC Figure Soleivi Hernandez

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Tracy Mason




2009 NPC Jr Nationals Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Rosemont, IL was again the location for the 2009 NPC Jr. Nationals. The weather was excellent, a bit windy but not too much and no more locusts like 2007.

Christina Vargas

Class A figure was for Christina Vargas who took one of the pro cards, Bay area gem Mandy Henderson in 2nd and Colorado shorty Catherine Chlipala in 3rd. This class was very small with 12 competitors only due to the new height classes introduced last year.

Class B was for Josie Zamora, 2nd place for Texas Soleivi Hernandez and 3rd place for Candice Houston who has been right at the top in her last shows. Ann Pratt took 4th and she has also been scratching the top in her last few shows.

Karly Woodle

Class C was for Karly Woodle who grabbed another pro card, Emily Nicholson took 2nd place and Chrissy Burton in 3rd. This was one of the larger classes and very competitive ones. Most of the placings were very similar to past shows as far as the top 5.

Terri Turner

Class D was for Terri Turner who won the overall and pro card. Marie Ann Newman who has been a favorite placed second. Jenny Lewis took 3rd in this class. This was another great class with many competitors.

Class E was for Elizabeth Earhart who did not get a pro card among the 4 that were handed out. Jaime Meade from Colorado took 2nd and Jennifer Woodruff took 3rd place. This class was smaller and did include many local overall competitor who didn't place as well which tells you National level is another ball game.

Jodie Minear

Class F was for Houston's Jodie Minear who won the last pro card. Amanda Breznau took 2nd, and Jeanne Nimmer in 3rd. Jeanne has been right up there and will probably get her pro card at a show this fall. This was another huge class with some excellent competitors, judges really have a hard job at this.

Victoria Larvie

NPC Fitness was handing 3 pro card, one for each class. 18 year old Victoria Larvie won the short class and the pro card, followed in second by Paige Oliver. 3rd Venus Nguyen who won the fitness round, 4th Skye Fisher from Michigan and Babette Mulford in 5th.

Desiree Walker

Class B was for Desiree Walker who deserved the card and has a great look with excellent conditioning. I had predicted great things for her and very glad she did get her pro card. Abbey Busby in second who is trained by the Wizard of Birmingham Greg Hasberry. In 3rd was Leigh Ann Yeager who won the physique round.

Camala Rodriguez

Class C was for Camala Rodriguez and the overall as well, our new sponsored competitor Stefanie Bambrough took 2nd and won the fitness round. Look out for Stefanie getting her pro card this year. Kayde Puckett took 3rd and Stacy Wright in 4th.

Marzia Prince

Bikini was not as large as anticipated 6 classes and 3 pro cards per class. It seemed very simple for what judges were looking at this level. Sonya Vecchiarelli won the class A pro card, Jennifer Celeste won the class C pro card and Marzia Prince the class F pro card. There were some very good competitors that will be surely repeating their appearances at other shows.

Suzanne Germano

Bodybuilding was very small but there were some great competitors, Christina Taylor won the lightweights, Suzanne Germano beat Alisha Morrow who has enormous potential, great calves for sure. Suzanne was prepped by Jeremy Minihan who is well know for working with women Pro's like Sherry Smith and Kim Perez.
Kristi Bruce took the light heavies over a ripped Roxanne Edwards. Heavyweights was for Dana Richards who was in great condition. Andrea Giacomi took 2nd and Catherine Skelly 3rd in that class.

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