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by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 Emerald Cup Photos and Results

2009 Emerald Cup Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Fitness Heather Skaar

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder
Brittani Simpson

European Champion
ships Interview

by Anne Pietila

Video Interview IFBB Pro
Bodybuilder Mari Carmen Gomez Segura

Heather Skaar, Courtney Bynog, Genie Beach, Joni Neilson & Kristina Tjernlund

Video Interview Michele Bigler

2009 Southern States presents "The Muscular Body as Living Art"
by Phillip Lentz

Video Interview Kristina Dybdahl




2009 Emerald Cup Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Michele Bigler

Bellevue was again the city that hosted the Emerald Cup one of the best shows in the country and easily the best regional level show. This year the attendance and competitors were lower probably due to the economy that has hit every sector of the nation. But they really put on a great show bringing a huge number of competitors anyway.

Courtney Bynog

In Figure A Kiana Phi won the class, second place for Lisa Sandercock and third for Brittani Simpson who also crossed over to bodybuilding. In class B Katrinka Danielson was very well conditioned and made huge improvements from last year and won the class, Carole Castillo took second and Dion Blackburn third. Class C was for Michele Bigler who carried very good muscle and great balance, she will be a competitor to watch as she will also shrink muscle wise for Nationals. Mary Simmons took 2nd another competitor with good muscle. Third place for Montana's 21 yr old Jacey Bourne who was much smaller but yet balanced.
In Class D Courtney Bynog won the class and also overall, believe it or not I had predicted her win even without knowing her competition. She seems to carry the look and conditioning that the NPC is looking for. She will surely do well at Nationals. Summer Reece took second and Tori Stroud 3rd place. Class E was for Andrea Rosenbaum, second place for Ukrainian born Anna Brown and Oregonian Joni Neilson in third place who really has one of the best potential in figure nowadays.
Class F was for Ginny Gardea, second place for Rachelle Sundberg Erin Moore in third. In Class G Hannah Ringholm was the winner, Jennifer Ludington in second and Mary Hallman now doing figure with a great shape took 3rd.

Fitness short Carole Castillo and Fitness Tall was for Cinzia Clapp who also won the overall. Fitness has been on the low numbers in the whole industry but it still does exist and there are people like Tanji Johnson that are doing a good job with it.

Laurie Smith

Female Bodybuilding was for Laurie Smith of the middleweights, in her class she beat Wendy Lindquist from Canada. Laurie brought balance and symmetry and took the overall. Masters Bodybuilding was for Cindy Goodrich who has for sure improved in every way and should be ready for Nationals if she wants to.

Tori Briggs

Bikini was the new thing with this show, a category which is still very undefined. The class A winner was Diana Graham who presented what was shown at the Arnold 2009 Bikini with a bit more conditioning, Chelsea Beanblossom won the overall and had a very different look from Diana. Tori Briggs took tall class with a look in between both and with great sex appeal. Amanda Schulte from medium class was another competitor that will have a great future is you read this Amanda please email me at jc@hardfitness.com

Masters' Figure was for Sheila Salinas who has experience with competition and brought a very streamlined body. Heidi Hansen took second and trust me this lady is simply amazing she has been competing at shows and she will get that pro card. Dianna Brock took over 40 and Susan Ershler over 50.


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