Issue #52


by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 Emerald Cup Photos and Results

2009 Emerald Cup Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Fitness Heather Skaar

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder
Brittani Simpson

European Champion
ships Interview

by Anne Pietila

Video Interview IFBB Pro
Bodybuilder Mari Carmen Gomez Segura

Heather Skaar, Courtney Bynog, Genie Beach, Joni Neilson & Kristina Tjernlund

Video Interview Michele Bigler

2009 Southern States presents "The Muscular Body as Living Art"
by Phillip Lentz

Video Interview Kristina Dybdahl




Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

2010 HardFitness Calendar

It is almost ready and will be on sale hopefully end of May. So get your copies as soon as you can! It will also be debuted at the 2009 Olympia and we will feature at the booth some of the women in the calendar.

Why do it?

So why compete? Why model? Is it worth it? We see competitors and models come and go. They all come in and come out very fast, few last very long. And even those who are very well known are not making much money from the fitness industry. Its very common for newbies and starters to think that this industry is going to make them famous but the number of people looking at this industry and the shows is very minimal.

Competitors and models also forget that the internet is the biggest and best way to market themselves. And best of all its free, the only complication is that the internet is overloaded with content and you have to generate traffic. Printed magazines in the fitness industry are still alive but slowly will die once people adhere to more technology everyday. Also getting published in a magazine will only be on that newsstand for one month and then never to be seen again. The internet provides constant viewing for an unlimited time and free access as well.

If you are a competitor or model and you want to make money off this industry have a plan and use the internet in your advantage. You can compete, be in printed materials, websites, but its really the ability to get views that will make you the end money. Reaching into the mainstream will be something that will be much better.

Many competitors and models don't have this long term plan spend tons of money and finally get discouraged and stop being in the industry. If this industry can make at least supplemental income then it will be worth staying in it.

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