Issue #51


by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 Arnold Classic Photos and Results

2009 Arnold Classic Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Fitness Wendy Fortino

Video Interview
with Cover Model and NPC Fitness Wendy Fortino

Kristina Dybdahl Interview
by Anne Pietila

Video at
HardFitness Booth
Jennifer Hoffman and Funny Moments

Wendy Fortino, Amanda Schenk, Jocelyn Langton,
Marina Richardson, Salla Kauranen

Video Interview with NPC Figure Shawna Pringle

Video Interview with Finnish Bodybuilder Salla Kauranen


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

2009 HardFitness Arnold Classic Booth

We would like to thank everyone that was part of the booth for 2009: Jennifer Hoffman, Teri Mooney, Emmy Singer, Shawna Pringle, Aleisha Hart, Chaundra Tanji, Misty Anderson and special appearance by Juliana Malacarne.

Jennifer Hoffman Interview

Shawna Pringle, Emmy Singer & Teri Mooney
Aleisha Hart & Emmy Singer

We did sell out of t-shirts and sold quite a good number of 2009 Calendars. Thanks to all the fans that attended the show and visited the booth. Our next event will probably be the Olympia in Vegas and will have more females at booth. We are in the works for a good surprise for that one.

Teri Mooney & Jennifer Hoffman
Emmy Singer and her unique skill!!!!!!!

2010 HardFitness Calendar

It is in the works and will be finished around May. We have very good models again and they will also be at the Olympia autographing the calendar. 2009 has been giving lots of great results with the calendars.

The next shows we will also be shooting for our 2010 and then after may the 2011 castings will start so if you think you have it and are a great model email me about it at: jc@hardfitness.com



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