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California NPC and IFBB Championship Results

California NPC and IFBB Review

Video: Self Tanning an Alternative Part 2
by Shelly Leversage

ATTENTION Professional Make up for USA's Vegas
by Brittany Thorsch

Video Interview: Andrea Giacomi New HardFitness sponsored competitor

My Emerald Cup Experience
by Amanda Ogden

Video Interview: with IFBB Fitness Pro Stephanie Worsfold

Pre-Contest Abs Training by Katie Szep

20 Questions With Our Cover Model

Video Interview: Nancy Hirsch Pro debut at the Cal Pro

Prepare Yourself
by Shelly Pinkerton

Video Interview: Vicky Oates Amateur Figure: A mix of class and sex appeal

Women: Competing and their Menstrual Cycle
by Tanya Pennington

The Transitional Athlete
by Katie Madden

Training Video Jane Awad talks about working out legs

Ephedra and Estrogen
by Darlina Acampora

Stephanie Worsfold, Christine Moore, Karina Nascimento, Jane Awad, Amanda Ogden

Video Interview: Bodybuilder Christine Moore at the Arnold speaks about her upcoming shows

Down the Wire
by Shelly Pinkerton

Video Interview: Amanda Ogden upcoming Fitness Star

A Month After Pittsburgh
by Kristi Wills

2005 GNC California Championships NPC and IFBB Figure Review

The California Championships known as the Cal took place May 27-28 in Culver City, CA. The venue was the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in Culver City. The hotel was not too far but not within walking distance specially if you are a competitor. Renting a car is a good option for those coming out of town, but most NPC competitors were locals so it was a lot easier for them to transport. The host hotel was the Radisson on West Centinela Avenue, a good hotel for photos and everyone was pretty nice about taking photos inside. It's about $99 per night with the discount but it's expensive compared to other hotels close by.

Starting up with Pro Figure there were already many people who had predicted the top 5 and after the show predictions came thru. The winner was Mary Lado getting a consecutive win right after Pittsburgh. She showed her great v-taper and excellent looks. Amber Littlejohn took second and showcased her great shoulders and back. In some angles her glutes seemed a bit soft compared to Mary Lado. Michelle Adams took third and the rising New Yorker Tara Scotti took fourth. DJ Wallis made her come back but wasn't looking as sharp as she used to, hopefully she will continue to compete and get back to her Olympia level physique. Among other competitors who looked great but didn't place as high as they deserved were Monica Guerra and Pia Marlen Johnsen. Monica should have taken overall, given her height she still spotted a very symmetrical physique. Debbie Leung came in softer than she usually does, I think she should come in ripped since she has one of the best physiques out there. Colette Flack looked her best and I predict she will keep on looking better and better. Cathy Priest after her divorce made a come back in Figure but was rather depleted and showed less muscle, particularly in her glutes.

The amateur figure portion was taken by Mary Jo Cooke who has been persistently competing and working on her physique. Lisa Bickels won Class B and looked impressive after leaving bodybuilding. Lisa's lines are very good for Nationals although she might have to loose some muscle and get leaner. Shelly Pinkerton looked like a National or Pro level competitor which was the reason why she didn't win her class. For more info about his please read my editorial. JoAnn Wabisca keep on impressing people, at 47 yrs old she looks much better than many other competitors and deserves a place in this sport. Another competitor who made her mark was Vicky Oates who looked marvelous and was able to beat Inez Bess who had previously beaten her.

Fitness was only two girls which is a shame since Fitness has always been the most attractive discipline to watch. Gretchen Sullivan won the overall against Amy Perry. Gretchen has good muscle maturity and could probably do Nationals is she gained more size.

Bodybuilding was only 10 girls and the overall winner was Becky West. She competed alone in light heavyweight, there was no one else in her class. Becky was dry as a bone and had a good amount of muscularity. Malissa Robles redeemed herself from the Contra Costa where she placed in last. Malissa probably needs to get leaner and dry in order to really rock the stage. Hopefully she will be doing the Nationals in Atlanta this year. Jamie Buffalari is on the rise but for this show she seemed to have peaked a day or two before. And good news, we had Sunshine Fritzges who did her first bodybuilding show. She had done figure before but after everyone told her she should do bodybuilding she finally did. We hope to see more athletes get back into bodybuilding. The physiques weren't as conditioned as Becky West so most girls entering bodybuilding could see themselves doing this show.


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