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by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Figure Petra Onhajzerova

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Petra Onhajzerova

Nina Loos Interview
by Anne Pietila

Figure Competitions: Part of a Balancing Act
by Michelle Craven

Petra Onhajzerova, Tiani Thorne, Monica Brant, Tiffany Whitmore and Heather Udy

Video Interview with NPC Figure Lynn Fitzhum

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Casey Daugherty

New Year's Body
by Jean Jitomir PhD (c)

Video Interview
with NPC Bodybuilding Yahaira Agosto


Interview with Nina Loos (Holland) by Anne Pietila

Nina Loos

1. Let’s start with a short introduction. Nina, could you please tell us a bit about yourself, your backrounds, your family and your life?

- Hello everybody! My name is Nina Loos. I'm 27 years old and I live in Holland. I'm married to Jack Loos. Together, we are the owners of a gym, called BodyFit. All day you can find me in the gym. I give personal training and help other people to achieve their goals in improving their bodies. Besides weight training, I also like to cook! And to walk with my American staffordshire terrier.

2. Could you tell more about your start with weight training and this sport. Why, how and when?

- The first time I started with weight training, I was about 14 years old. I always admired muscle-women and I wanted to be stronger, that's the reason why I started lifting weights. When I turned 18, I became really fanatic and started to change my nutrition to improve my body.

Nina Loos

3. What about competing? You have competed now in figure for a few years. Why, when and how did you start it?

- Competing in figure competitions was something that grew in my mind as time went on and I saw the progress in my body. I went to see some bodybuilding competitions and I loved it immediately. A few years later I was on stage myself in 2005, guided by my husband Jack. It's great to prepare for contests together as a couple in the meaning of coach and athlete. Now, I get professional help from Juliette and Liona Bergmann. Liona is my coach, working with her is great! She guides me to get the best out of me.

4. After your start you have done quite many shows, how does your contest history look like?

2005:    Sport&Fitness Cup: 1st place, Over all winner
2006:    Open Limburg Championships IFBB: 2nd place
2006:    Eemsmondcup Delfzijl IFBB: 1st place
2006:    NK (Dutch Championships) IFBB: 3rd place
2007:    NK (Dutch Championship) IFBB: 4th place
2007:    Benelux Championships Wabba: 1st place,  Over all winner
2007:    European Championships Wabba: 7th place
2008:    Fed Cup, IFBB, Belgium: 1st place
2008:    Grand Prix, IFBB, Holland: 1st place and selection Arnold Classic amateur 2009

Nina Loos

5. So, you have tried also other federations. Every now and then there is much talk about different federations, and about competitors being banned. What is your opinion in this federation issue?

- I think it should be relaxed for the athletes to do shows where ever they want without being banned, once I tried another federation. But I must say that I love to be back on the IFBB, They have the best shows! This is where I want to be.

6. Please, tell us about the best memory you have in your competing career?

- Every contest has been special to me but the one which means the most to me is my last competition, THE GRAND PRIX!! in 26th October 2008. I beat the fresh new world champion of the IFBB. It was an exciting competition!!! And a serious challenge. I was in the best shape I've ever had and because of that I had definitely defeated myself! Besides, I always try to leave an impression of my positive personality to the judges and the audience.
I'm always looking forward to my contest-day and when my moment is there, I enjoy it very much to present myself on stage.
At the end of the Grand Prix, there was the selection for Arnold Classic amateur. The best athletes had to do a 3-4 minutes’ routine! I was so exited...  A long time of being on a strict diet had come to the end and I felt confident on stage. I didn't expect at all, to be chosen among all athletes. I was absolutely thrilled, It is a dream come true!!

Nina Loos

7. You mentioned free routine, so you have also free routine posing in figure in Netherlands(IFBB), that is something which is not seen in other countries’ IFBB contests. What’s your opinion about free posing routine in figure?

- The free posing routine in figure, I like it very much. In the first place, I think every athlete deserves to have a moment alone on stage. And it's very much fun to entertain the audience, showing the best part of your physique in your own way.
The routine in Holland takes 1 minute and is very different than in fitness or bodybuilding. No power-poses, like push ups by fitness, no high kicks or jumping...Just move gracious, sort of dance moves. This round was held the first time at the Grand Prix this year. Just for the athletes and the audience, there weren't given any points by the judges, it was just for the show-element of the contest.

8. Anyway, your this years’ autumn was pretty successful. Could you tell us a bit more about this contest season?

- I started preparing for the International Fed Cup and the International Grand Prix about 11 weeks before the contest. This time, my goal was to reach the best shape I ever had. I've never been so low in calories to reach my top shape. But I managed to stick to my schedule and diet and when the contest day arrived, I felt good about my improvements. My condition was just as planned. I felt very good on stage and enjoyed it, like I always do. The line-up was very strong, and my comparisons with the World Champ IFBB ,from Russia, did make me feel even better. Especially because I won the contest.

Nina Loos

9. And now Arnold Amateur is waiting for you? How is your prep going?

- I'm completely on my prep now! In between the contests I follow an off-season diet which is higher in the calories than in the prep. One day a week, there is room left for snacking time. Now I eat completely clean to get my best shape for the Arnold Amateur Show. I started my real prep in the middle of December and will continue that until March, so it will be about 11 weeks.

10. Could you tell more about your plans, thoughts and feelings concerning becoming Arnold Amateur show? What kind of contest do you expect and what kind of goals do you have?

- I'm very excited about the Arnold Amateur Show! When I did my first contest, I'd never ever thought to participate in the Arnold amateur once. It's a dream coming true! I'm very happy and will do my very best! I expect it to be an experience of my life, I'll never forget it, I'm sure of that. My goal at the Arnold Amateur Show is to end up in the finals.

Nina Loos

11. You are pretty muscular and always in great condition at shows. At the same time in the States they have now awarded smaller and not so hard girls. Have you thought about this now when you are headed to Arnold Amateur? What kind of package you will present there?

- Liona Bergmann is keeping a good eye on my shape. The package I will bring on stage at the Arnold Amateur, stays as a surprise until that day.

12. What about after Arnold Amateur, what kind of plans do you have in 2009?

- After the Arnold Amateur, I've planned to take part in the World Championship IFBB.

13. Do you have some long-tearm goals and dreams you want to achieve in figure or/and life generally?

- In the future, my long term goal in Figure is to do the Big Shows in the USA and maybe become a Pro Figure Athlete. My long term goal in life is to live my life happy and spend quality time with my husband and the other people I love.

Nina Loos

14. And to achieve your goals in competing, what do you think you have to develop or do better?
- At this moment, I'm on a level of competing.... where I can't afford it to have to develop a lot to reach my goals.
But there is always a place for improvement, especially to meet the criteria in Figure at the moment.
I see it as a challenge and I like challenges.

15. What are your main principles in developing your physique?

- My main principles in developing my physique is that the total package must be okay. Everything must be in harmony. Also in your personal life.The total package is your training, your recoverage and last but not least...
your nutrition!! You also need a coach you can trust. The co-operation between the athlete and the coach must give you a confident, good feeling.
You must be ready to work hard every day. Physically and mentally, the work-outs are exhausting but also satisfy me when I see the changes in my physique.
It takes a 100 percent of devotion, but then I manage to compete at the highest level.

Nina Loos

16. Anyway competing and developing physique needs patience and motivation. What keeps you motivated?

- At first, I need to say that I love training. It's really a part of my life.... my lifestyle! It's a challenge to improve my body and of course it takes a lot of patience but in the mean time, I enjoy the way to it. The people I love, support me 100 percent, that´s very motivating and keeps me going.

Nina Loos

17. Thank you for interview, Nina! Now you have freedom to say whatever you want to. Please, use a few lines to say thanks or greetings!
- First of all, I would like to thank some very important people in my life, My Coach, Liona Bergmann, she helps me get my shape to an optimal level. My husband, Jack Loos, for always support me, be my biggest fan and helps me when it's necessary. Then I want to thank Performance, for sponsoring me with their high quality dietary supplements.I also want to thank my friends at our gym, Bodyfit, and everyone else, who has been supportive to me.


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