Issue #46


by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 Sacramento Pro Photos and Results

2008 Sacramento Pro Review

2008 San Francisco
Photos and Results

2008 San Francisco

20 Questions with Cover Model Kandi Allen

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Mascha Tieken

Nina Moe (Norway) Interview
by Anne Pietila

Kandi Allen, Aleisha Hart, Chelsey Morgenstern, Tracey Toth, Cheryl Faust

Video Interview with NPC Figure Joni Neilson

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Tracey Toth

Ephedrine: What’s the Big Deal?
by Jean Jitomir PhD

A Competitor's Life in Croatia
by Zrinka Korac

Video Interview
with IFBB Bodybuilder Betty Viana


2008 San Francisco Championships Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Wendy Fortino

Chabot College was again the scene of the crime for the San Francisco championships. Its a smaller show than the Contra Costa but it is good for those who are starting and also is later in the year.

Figure A was for Wendy Fortino who was in great condition and presented excellent symmetry. Her conditioning should be what National level competitors should look like but the criteria is going in a different way. This was Wendy's first show ever and looked amazing. Her background is of a track athlete so she does have excellent lower body. She will be a force to be reckoned with at other shows.

Figure B was for Nancy Chen who came in with great balance. Nancy has that look to that will be very important for the new NPC criteria.

Figure C was for Takisha Wright in a very large class of 17 competitors. Jean Reid was also another competitor who stood out and will be important to watch her. Ashley Butts was also very impressive she probably has more muscle than what they want at this level but at Nationals she should do extremely well.

Figure D was for Janice Turbyfill who that night was on a hot streak. She has had previous experience in other shows but many competitors were doing there first show.

Masters Figure was for Janice Turbyfill took the overall, Nancy Ornelas the short class and over 45 Jeanette Louis. Robin Gizzi who took second in over 45 was looking amazing as always.

Lena Hedblad

In the bodybuilding classes, Lena Hedblad took the overall and her heavyweight class. There were only 5 competitors which seems to indicate the bodybuilding is surely drowning itself.

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