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by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 Sacramento Pro Photos and Results

2008 Sacramento Pro Review

2008 San Francisco
Photos and Results

2008 San Francisco

20 Questions with Cover Model Kandi Allen

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Mascha Tieken

Nina Moe (Norway) Interview
by Anne Pietila

Kandi Allen, Aleisha Hart, Chelsey Morgenstern, Tracey Toth, Cheryl Faust

Video Interview with NPC Figure Joni Neilson

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilding Tracey Toth

Ephedrine: What’s the Big Deal?
by Jean Jitomir PhD

A Competitor's Life in Croatia
by Zrinka Korac

Video Interview
with IFBB Bodybuilder Betty Viana


2008 Sacramento Figure Pro and NPC Championships Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Houng Arcinas

The pro figure lineup was stacked and many of them were in great shape, one of the best lineups I can remember. This being the second to last pro show of the year was the hope for many of the pros to jump into an Olympia qualification given that many of the big names would not be competing.

April Fortier

Huong Arcinas took first place with her excellent lines and great muscle tone. For being that short her body is nicely proportioned. Jamie Ford took second, being a rising star after getting her pro card at 2008 USA's. Our sponsored competitor April Fortier took 3rd and nailed the last spot for the 2009 Olympia. As always April comes in great conditiniong and is very well balanced. Rookie Kristin Nunn took 4th and Arkansas' own Michelle Flake took 5th. Among other great physiques was Kristi Tauti who has been coming in a bit harder and Rosa Maria Romero who has improved her shape. Some competitors did improve their conditioning but others came in thinking the look judges wanted was soft. Overall one of the better lineups pro shows have seen.

Class A Figure was for Wendy Fortino from Cupertino, CA. She took the overall at the SF show a few weeks ago and came in looking well conditioned and well balanced body. Sandra Augustin took second, Teresa Jones who has an amazing shape and promises great things took 3rd. Nicole Samante another great promising body took 4th. Tisha Lopez in 5th.

Class B was for Brittany Calhoun who has had a hot streak after winning the San Francisco show. Jenna Boyer with great lines and great conditioning took second. Jessica Graham took 3rd, Kristal Richie 4th and Rachel Nichol in 5th. This was to me the strongest class as all the competitors in top 5 had a good look and somehow you could see them get their pro cards once they compete more and improve their weak points.

Class C was for Anna Brown who had competed at the Emerald Cup and a few other local show. Anna is from the Ukraine and lives in LA area. Dee Peters took 2nd with a very nice shape. Courtney Bynog took 3rd, Courtney really offers a great package, balance plus excellent conditioning. Bynog could do well at Nationals with her shape. Elizabeth Jenkins in 4th and Sarah Trusco in 5th.

Houng Arcinas

Class D was for Katina Maistrallis from Texas, she also took her overall with her sharp lines and great conditioning. Jennifer Santich took 2nd she also competed in fitness, Christie Dolton 3rd, Rachel Marino 4th and Stephanie Brow as 5th.

Masters Figure overall was for Sandra Augustin who had the combo of conditioning and balance. Christie Dolton in class C was also very strong, Jill Oksenhorn who has national level experience took class B.

Wendy Fortino

Wendy Fortino with a routine made by herself was able to get the overall for Fitness in a class of 4 girls which included Jennfer Santich in 2nd, Sarah Grace in 3rd and Candice Convington in 4th. Candice is actually a Sacramento Kings cheerleader so her routine was full of great dance moves.

Bodybuilding had 2 competitors and Danielle Guevara topped Jennifer, both were heavyweights.

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