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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2008 NPC USAs

2008 NPC USAs Review

2008 NPC Southern States

2008 NPC Southern States Review

20 Questions with IFBB Fitness Pro and Cover Model April Fortier

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Petra Mertl

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

April Fortier, Hayley Womack, Jenna Boyer, Petra Mertl, Mary Ann Lubas

Video Interview with NPC Figure Mary Ann Lubas

Fattening Fructose
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Tonya Burkhardt


2008 NPC USA Championships Review by
Juan Carlos Lopez

Hot as Dante's inferno, Las Vegas was hosting again the USAs once more. UNLV was the place for this show, Artemus Hall to be exact.

Jaime Costa

Figure A was a very close encounter as the top in the class had each different things that made them better. Jamie Costa won the class with good conditioning, Akane Nigro had a better balance on her physique and took 2nd, Carin Hawkins took third, Nicole Coleman 4th and Sarah Nakajima 5th. In 12th Prudence Moe was a great physique that could have placed even better. Watch out for her in future shows. Houng Vo was another very well conditioned competitor and was looking excellent.

Crystal Lowery

Figure B was a tight battle with Crystal Lowery who took first and came in with an amazing package and Candice Houston who sports great lower and upper body balance. Shannon Bennett took 3rd place, Kerri Simpson 4th and Ann Pratt from Phoenix 5th. Noted another great body that is now placing better is Tiffany Procopio, and Jennifer DeJoya.

Kristin Nunn

Figure C was for Kristin Nunn who came in with a smaller structure than Michelle Anderson who is inches away from her pro card. Emily Nicholson in third, Chrissy Burton in 4th and Cynthia Herndon in 5th. Other great bodies in this class were Sherrie Carnicle and Ana Tigre. Noted was Grace Rivera's comeback again.

Amy Martin

Figure D was for newcomer Amy Martin, Kristy McKinney who has great abs took second, Shelly Hillesheim from Colorado 3rd, Amanda Quinlan in 4th and Amanda Schenck who looking totally stunning with great upper and lower body balance and conditioning could have even won the class and show if judging was different. Other great shape and bodies were Valerie Carlino, Corinna Frikken and Joni Neilson from Oregon.

Mendi Sakamoto

Figure E was for Mendi Sakamoto, 2nd Stephanie McDonald, 3rd Jamie Meade, 4th Alecia Rankovic, 5th Ginny Gardea. Tami Delzenero looked very good too, Crystal Rush, Kelley Greene and Wendy Brogard. It seems yes the judging is going for smaller bodies and less conditioning but in some cases it can vary.

Rachel Cammon

Figure F was for Colorado Rachel Cammon, Alicia marie took 2nd, Monique Minton in 3rd, Michelle Batista in 4th, Brandi Gardner who looked spectacular took 5th. Noted physiques were Jeanne Nimmer, Kristen Crigler and Katie Coles who is up and coming. The overall went to Amy Martin in class D showing again that the judging is headed to smaller physiques with lesser muscle and less dramatic conditioning.

Bodybuilding was another interesting event, in the lightweights Rita Rae won the class, Barbara Fletcher took 2nd and Laura Boisacq took 3rd. Rita came in looking sharp and body parts were also there albeit her short height comparable to Fletcher.

Middleweights was for Diana Tinnelle who was softer than Claire OConnell who surely came in ripped but seems judging is wanting a softer look and awarded Phoenix native Tinnelle. Akila Pervis took 3rd and Patricia Houston who was gained much more muscle took 4th.

In the light heavy weights Christine Sabo won the class and finally got close to the pro card. She always brings great legs to the game. Cindy Johnson took 2nd and Karen Choat who was very ripped and veiny took 3rd. Not sure of what judges wanted from Karen but clearly she came in looking utmost amazing. In 4th was Yasha and Holly Bacola who seemed to have a nice look and good muscle.

Isabelle Turell

Heavyweights was for Isabelle Turell who ended up with the overall, great upper body and small waist. Holly Geersen sports great legs but judges enjoyed the size Isabelle showcased. Diane Solomons took 3rd in ripped shape, Kris Murrell 4th and Julie Assa 5th.


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