Issue #43


by Juan Carlos Lopez

2008 NPC USAs

2008 NPC USAs Review

2008 NPC Southern States

2008 NPC Southern States Review

20 Questions with IFBB Fitness Pro and Cover Model April Fortier

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Petra Mertl

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

April Fortier, Hayley Womack, Jenna Boyer, Petra Mertl, Mary Ann Lubas

Video Interview with NPC Figure Mary Ann Lubas

Fattening Fructose
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Tonya Burkhardt

Ask Misty by Misty Green

I am a 45 year old woman and I am just getting into the fitness lifestyle for the first time in my life. I took your advice in a previous column and found a local trainer to work with. I have been working with my trainer for about 5 months and I feel better than ever! I have lost 55 lbs and feel like a kid again. I am actually able to play with my kids and not start huffing and puffing 5 minutes in to being on the playground with them. Since discovering this new me, I have been debating on entering my first figure competition. I have all of your previous articles on how to get started that include cost, suits, tanning….and so on. You have no idea how much help those are. My biggest worry is my age. I just feel that maybe I am to old! I know there is a masters’ competition that they have every yr but I wanted to do something local. I’m just so concerned with being the old lady among the 20 something’s! I just think that training for a competition and stepping on stage would be the ultimate challenge and test for myself, but I also don’t want to be a big joke and something for people to laugh at. I have this fear of someone in the audience yelling, “Grandma! Get off the stage!”

Old Lady Linda

Misty Green

CONGRATULATIONS! It sounds like you have turned over a new page in not only your life, but your family’s life as well. What an inspiration and a role model you are to your children and everyone around you! What most don’t realize is that what starts off as a journey for ourselves becomes a journey for everyone else around us. Now, as far as being an old lady, YOU ARE FAR FROM IT! We are only as old as we feel and you said yourself, “you feel like a kid again”. We are never too old or too young to challenge ourselves and try something new. As far as being among 20 something’s, there are many more of us 30’s and 40’s gals out there on stage than you think. That is one of the unique things about competing. You meet so many people aging from their teens to their 70’s! Yes, I said 70’s! There are quite a few local shows that offer open figure classes, as well as masters’ classes. You’ve worked this hard and it sounds like this is something you really want to do. Check out the hardfitness competition link and look through some of the shows covered and you can see for yourself the variety of age ranges of ladies competing and maybe this will make you feel more comfortable. No one can make this decision for you but you. So ask yourself, “Do I want to take on this challenge?” And don’t let age discourage you, it’s just a number. And numbers don’t say anything about who we are, what we’ve accomplished, and the lives we’ve touched. Thank you for sharing your journey, I know this will be an inspiration to many as it has to me!

“It is okay to be afraid. It is not okay to let the fear hold you back from accomplishing great and wonderful things”

“When you let go of your doubts, you also let go of your limitations”

Both by: Lucy MacDonald

**Also, if anyone is going to be in Tampa, Fl August 9th **Tim & Brandie Gardner have the IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships / NPC Fitness & Figure Extravaganza going on. Come out and watch a great show! A portion of the proceeds will be going to Charity Voices for Children! Here is the link:

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