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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2008 California Pro Photos and Results

2008 California Pro Review

2008 Contra Costa Photos and Results

2008 Contra Costa Review

20 Questions with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model
Celeste Gonzalez

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Celeste Gonzalez

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Celeste Gonzalez, Lesley Stamper, Kari Keenan Tiffany Widdifield, Melissa Johnsen

Video Interview with NPC Figure Felicia Bruno

Making Yourself: Career Transition into Nutrition!
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Tonia Williams

Good Eating Habits
by Danijela Crevar

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Tonya Burkhardt

Contra Costa Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

After a few months without a show in Northern California due to the Sacramento Pro / San Francisco Pro being decimated the Contra Costa proved to be a good show for competitors and fans in the area.

Kari Keenan

Class A in open figure was for Kari Keenan Montana native, Kari is the most successful Montana competitor in the years to come. She took her class and the overall in open figure. Denise Eckhardt in second, Monique Cruz in third, Terri Mickels in Fourth and Amber Lobao in 5th. Amber brought up her physique in this her 3rd show, she has a great future and was in great condition.

Brittany Calhoun

Class B had a different types of bodies in it, Brittany Calhoun took 1st with a slender physique that has been rewarded lately. Heather Chittick took second with a very well developed physique and matching upper and lower body. Carrie Brown took 3rd, Kelly Ordaz who presents a stunning physique for Nationals took 4th and Wendy Kaszer took 5th.

Rene Racicot

Class C was another class that rewarded the more overall look rather than slender like class D and A. Rene Racicot from Nevada took the class, Stephanie Michelle with great conditioning took 2nd, Michelle Brown took 3rd in her first show ever, Rachel Herschelmann who has a lot of potential took 4th and Marcie Trujillo took 5th.

Carole Uhrig

Class D was for Phoenix native Carole Uhrig who took her class being a bit more conditioned and with good shape. Laura Townsend took 2nd, Amie Moody with a new look took 3rd, Delinia Lewis 4th and Jennifer Santich 5th place.

Masters figure was for Carrie Brown who has competed in a few shows in the bay area. Not as conditioned as Stephanie Michelle but judges seemed to be awarding a bit less conditioning and fuller muscles. Stephanie Michelle took class B as Carrie Brown took A and overall.

Jennifer Santich competed in Fitness and was the sole competitor in this category which almost means the end of it for 2009.

Angela Compilli

Bodybuilding has also decreased in size and may be much smaller every year from now on. Angela Compilli took 1st place with a lean but well proportioned shape. Carla Rossi was lagging in her lower body as her upper body was more muscular but nevertheless

Lisa Tose

spectacular. Lorie Mahoney who had done a few figure shows took the middleweights over Cristy Richard. In the heavyweights, Lisa Tose who is Canadian and just moved last year to the bay area took the class. The overall went to Lisa Tose who is trained by Claire O'Connell who has run thru these shows and made a great name for herself training competitors.




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