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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2008 California Pro Photos and Results

2008 California Pro Review

2008 Contra Costa Photos and Results

2008 Contra Costa Review

20 Questions with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model
Celeste Gonzalez

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Celeste Gonzalez

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Celeste Gonzalez, Lesley Stamper, Kari Keenan Tiffany Widdifield, Melissa Johnsen

Video Interview with NPC Figure Felicia Bruno

Making Yourself: Career Transition into Nutrition!
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Tonia Williams

Good Eating Habits
by Danijela Crevar

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Tonya Burkhardt

California Pro and NPC California State Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

The pro ranks were full for the California Pro another pro show and one of the first figure pro shows for the year. The NPC portion now allowed competitors from out of state which would surely make the show rather fuller.

Felicia Romero

Pro Figure came with a wide array of bodies and it was up to the judges to send a message of what they are looking for right now. Felicia Romero took first place with a slender and smaller body, Heather Mae French was as always very well balanced but with a softer look. Kristi Tauti probably came in looking her best from seeing her at other shows. Houng Arcinas took 4thm she always has that great shoulder/calves balance and a tiny waist.

Heather Mae French

Darlina Brown has also been placing very well since last year, her body is one of the best and has downsized to comform IFBB mandates. The rest of the bodies come in very differently, as always Heather Green must be mentioned as one of the best physiques on an IFBB pro stage. Her upper and lower body is right there with Monica Brant and Juliana Malacarne in terms of cuts and shape. Superb. April Fortier came in looking her best, very well conditioned and with improvements on her lower body. Competitors such as Andrea Dumon and Zhanna Rotar didn't place that well at this show but I am sure they will in other shows. UK competitor Nicole Pitcher Scott was another gem to watch on stage she has downsized from her first procompetition back in 2006 if I recall. Celeste Gonzalez has placed real well in the past it will be a matter of time until this Spanish competitor gathers higher placings.

Jenna Boyer

Figure Open was sorted in 6 classes, class A was taken by Shawna Kondo from Mountain View, CA. Class B was again for Kari Keenan in a fierce battle with Wendy Kaszer. Jocelyn Baum (3rd)was right up there and very close to the top 2.
Class C was for Jenna Boyer who competed at the Contra Costa, she has great lines and balanced, well conditioned physique. Monica Vargas from Texas was second place and also exuded similar qualities.
Class D was the largest class and Colorado's Sara Hurrle took the first place and later overall. Sara presents a very likeable physique in the eyes of judges, great lines and well conditioned. Stephanie Moody was right below with her great conditioning she has been famous for.

Sara Hurrle

Class E was very small and Nikilea Bivens took first place followed by newcomer Ashley Rene. Jeanne Nimmer placed 3rd but her physique was amazing with phenomenal conditioning, judges probably marked her down for not being as full and very conditioned.
Carole Uhrig from Phoenix followed her great streak and took F class followed by Lanecia Hines.

Masters Figure was for Wendy Kaszer who took the short class and Stephanie Moody took the tall class. There were a good number of competitors also in masters figure and even at the over 45 category.

Julie Assa

For bodybuilding it was a small portion even smaller than the contra costa. Brenda Betia took the lightweights and Julie Assa took the heavyweights. Julie took the overall as well, perhaps an omen for competing at USAs.


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