Issue #39


by Juan Carlos Lopez

2008 NPC Natural Western Photos and Results

2008 NPC Natural Western Review

20 Questions with Cover Model Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly, Wendy Rollins, Lilia Sandozequi, Sindia Quiñones & Gail Sanez

Video Interview with NPC Figure Sunny Jones

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Figure Melissa Hutt

Video Interview with NPC Figure Stella Chirco

Video Interview with NPC Figure Lisa Rivera

Doomed to Die
by Jean Jitomir


2008 NPC Natural Western Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

HardFitness made a cameo appearance in Phoenix, AZ for this show. It has been many years since I wanted to come out there and do a few shoots, see some people and cover a show there. Word is competitors are good and not a lot of exposure is given to them.

Figure was as always the larger portion of the show, class A was taken by Sunny Jones member of Ernie Elite Team. Sunny was very well conditioned and could be a threat at Nationals. Shari Santos took second and a Ali Stewart took a third.

Class B was for Stacey Boettcher who also competed in masters, Sara Fiore took second and Lisa Hutchinson took 3rd.

Linda Rowland

Class C was for Linda Rowland who was very well conditioned and had the look they were going for. Heather Hermann was right up there presenting a nationals ready physique. Betty Vasquez took third in this class.

Class D was for Wendi Sears who also could do very well at Nationals with her look and shape. Amanda Ware took second and Trish Velasquez took 3rd place.

Class E was for 20 year old Shelby Bennett who this was her first show, she could have taken the show as well. Excellent shape and physique for her age and has endless possibilities. Rachel Chapman was second who also has tremendous potential and Erin Pearsall took third who also could do very well at Nationals.

For Masters figure Linda Rowland cleared it up again and took her class, although there was no overall Lisa Hutchinson won the over 35 while Linda took over 40.

Fitness only presented two competitors and 19 year old Laura Cain with some excellent choreography won the class and category. Laura Cain's routine can outshine many National level competitors so she should consider stepping up.

With Teen Figure Bryn Cowles won over Mikaela Sullivan and Samantha Dean took her class on the other end.

Shay Reed

Bodybuilding took a good turn and showed some great competitors. Chelsey Coleman at 19 years old took her lightweight class and was in great shape and could have taken the overall. Marry Connell took the middleweights and Shay Reed took overall and heavyweights.

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