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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2008 Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur Photos and Results

2008 Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur Review

2008 Arnold Expo

2008 Ironman NPC Figure Photos and Results

2008 Ironman NPC Figure Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and NPC Figure Holly Powell

Video Interview with Cover Model and NPC Figure Holly Powell

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Video Interview with Musclemania Figure Gail Sanez

Holly Powell, Kristen Samson, Norma Carrasquilla, Terri and Tiffany Carroll, Patricia Mello

Video Interview with CBBF Figure Twins Terri and Tiffany Carroll

Fixin' to Fast
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interviews Backstage at the IFBB Pro Arnold Classic

2008 Ironman NPC Figure Review
by Juan Carlos Lopez

The first event of the year now held in downtown LA and not in Pasadena. The change made things much more hectic as Pasadena has very easy access and vendors have a lot less troubles if they stayed at the host hotel. Now all host hotels are further away from the LA convention center, its all walking distance but you can see its a bit harder to enjoy. The Fit Expo has grown a lot so that is another good reason they expanded it to another venue.

Jennifer Kline

This year the figure was much smaller and every year it seems to come down in numbers. Last year Monica Mark took this show with a softer fuller look. Class A was taken by Jennifer Kline from Arizona with a nice shape and good conditioning. Her class was made up of 8 competitors including Shawna Kondo from San Jose, CA who took 2nd place. Lilia Sandozequi was softer but still looked like she retained the shape, could have placed higher.

Ana Tigre

Class B was taken by Ana Tigre who had great conditioning and has a great look. Selma McPherson took second and Bernadette Marturano in third place.

Danielle Edmonds

Class C was all for Danielle Edmonds who eventually won the show, she came in much softer than last year. In general the show was looking for smaller and softer physiques and it seems that this will be what they are going to go for.

Gina Aliotti

Lisa Lynn Calhoun took class D with a very shapely physique that promises a pro card very soon. Be on the lookout for this competitor trained by David "The Chef" Ellis.


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