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by Juan Carlos Lope

2007 Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals
Photos and Results

2007 Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals

2007 Kentucky Pro Figure and NPC
Photos and Results

2007 Kentucky Pro Figure and NPC

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Fitness Pro Hollie Stewart

Hollie Stewart, Heather Mae French, Shelly Taucher, April Fortier, Monica Hoyer

Video Interview with Cover Model and IFBB Fitness Pro Hollie Stewart

Making a Dream Come True
by Traci Redding

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Elena Seiple

by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Jamie Buffalari-

Building Hot Curves
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview
with NPC Bodybuilder Lindsay Mulinazzi

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green


2007 Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

The show now rotates again to Dallas, TX since 2004 were a few competitors who got their pro card don't compete anymore. This tells us the short life span of a competitor, some will come back here and there but in most cases a competitor won't last more than 3 years. Even a few are present who competed at that same show and are still amateurs. Some give up, some get their cards and some go to figure or bodybuilding. Many new competitors are up and coming to its best to look out for them and the newbies as well. This by the way is the 25th anniversary for Nationals.

Tonya Burkhardt

Fitness first in class A was for Kristina Rojas a native Texan doing her first National level show surprised everyone. Tonya Burkhardt who had pulled out from Team U 2007 due to an injury decided to enter this show. Tonya was looking great, conditioned and great bouncy routine. Tonya took the second pro card. In 3rd place Breean Robinson who had an amazing physique could have been up there as well. Breean is a consummated pro and she only needs to hang in there shortly and will get that pro card. Noteworthy was Victoria Larvie 16 years old now and got 5th place at her 3rd National show.

Tina Durkin

Class B was a bit larger with 10 competitors, Tina Durkin took the class with her great physique and strong routine, also took the overall. She had been denied earlier in the year at 2007 Team Universe. Siene Silva got the second card, Siene had been very close in 2005 by taking the physique rounds but missing out on the routine. In 3rd was Lishia Dean who has been at a few National shows now, Jessica Clay and Colleen Baldwin who sport less muscular physiques took 4th and 5th respectively.

Traci Redding

Class C was a hard class, Tanya Merryman who is an experienced fitness competitor took the first pro card. Traci Redding who has a great physique and probably the best of all fitness competitors that day took the second card. Traci Redding after having started in figure then jumped into fitness even without having no background in it. The first time Traci competed in fitness this year at Jr. Nationals 2007 it seemed that she had done it for many years. Its great to have Traci Redding in the pro ranks she really deserves it. In third place Jo Marriner from Colorado executed very clean moves and easily won the routine rounds by the looks of it. A handstand turned into a L-hold amused the audiences greatly as she did all this without her feet touching the ground. Violet Mundy whose physique is a very good standard of what they are looking for is a rising star and will probably achieve a pro status next year if she plays her cards right. Two really good physiques were Pamela Drury and Celeste Turner who took 5th and 6th respectively.

Beni Lopez

Now female bodybuilding had many questions and some very strong competitors but it seems that you either pull the conditioning or you don't. The other standard is the look they are for is also more wholesome rather than the most shredded.
Lightweights had strong names and everyone could picture the top 5. Beni Lopez took the lightweight pro card, having competed in figure in the past at North Americans she was small but shredded and with great muscle. Judges awarded her physique over Galina Serdtsev who improved her size and conditioning. Galina took second after having won the lightweights at 2007 USA's in July. Tammy Patnode took 3rd and is making waves with her physique, her conditioning is better and better every show. Tera Guzman who has been nailing top 5's at Nationals took 4th this time. The next 5, 6, 7 and 8th places looked particularly good. Kirsten Haratyk who took the lightweights at the 2006 Jr. Nationals was also looking great, very feminine too. Barbara Fletcher and Claire O'Connell could have placed top 5 but not sure if judges were going against the more muscular physiques. This was harder for the judges as they had a very strong class.

Tina Chandler

Middleweights had already been hard at previous shows but now the lightweight pro card went to Tina Chandler who nailed her conditioning and balance for this one. Yasha took second and was very shredded very close call for the first place. Janet Kaufman improved a lot her physique from 2006 Nationals were she placed 8th and now got her the 3rd place. Julia Khorfage was a great surprise with great stage presence and good physique. Terri Harris made a comeback as she hadn't done this show since 2004 when it was in this same city of Dallas, TX. From the other physiques Yahaira Agosto was a bit smaller but still a strong competitor and the legendary Lindsay Mulinazzi competed again (last show was 2005 in Atlanta). Lindsay is a very strong contender if she continues her career she has just about everything that the industry wants from a competitor at bodybuilding.

Kristy Hawkins

Lightheavy's were also a tough class, this class has been a very difficult and complete one. Kristy Hawkins took the class as she was ultra shredded with cross striations everywhere and still looking feminine. The young soon to be PHd also took the overall and is achieving a lot in her career. Britt Miller took second and made very good improvements from her last show, jumped up a class and had a better package too. Karen Choat took 3rd and also has made significant improvements, getting very shredded too was a big part of this. Elena Seiple took 4th and was also looking very good, with good muscles and better balance in the lower body. Elena is another competitor than can really represent the female bodybuilding industry very well, we hope to see her at Nationals next year. Amy Neal took 5th and was also looking great, from Atlanta she should probably be back next year to perhaps get a top 3 placing. From the other competitors Cheryl Faust despite her arm fracture earlier in the year did very well and still managed to pull competing at this show.

Beverly DiRenzo

Heavyweights were a different breed in the top 5 as the judges went with a more different looks here. Beverly DiRenzo who had placed 2nd at Nationals in 2006 came in with a fuller package and got the pro card. Nekole Hemrick took 2nd after her class win the the North Americans, Nekole is another competitor that embodies a very overall look that bodybuilding could achieve and judges seem to think that way. Michele Neil took 3rd and was ultra shredded as always not sure if that went against her but it seemed consensus that she was impressive. Kris Murrell who has a great look and good mass at 176 lbs for this show was softer than Neil but still placed at the top 5. Gale Frankie who has deep cuts and a strong physique was 5th place, lots of muscle mass and obviously a very strong competitor who should insist on competing more. Noteworthy was Julia Stamper and Jen Gutierrez who had very good physiques and could have been up on top 5 as well. Shelly Fields came back as National level bodybuilder after doing a brief stint in Figure last years. Jamie Kocher (Buffalari) could have a strong future if she continues to compete at this level.

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