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by Juan Carlos Lope

2007 Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals
Photos and Results

2007 Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals

2007 Kentucky Pro Figure and NPC
Photos and Results

2007 Kentucky Pro Figure and NPC

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Fitness Pro Hollie Stewart

Hollie Stewart, Heather Mae French, Shelly Taucher, April Fortier, Monica Hoyer

Video Interview with Cover Model and IFBB Fitness Pro Hollie Stewart

Making a Dream Come True
by Traci Redding

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Elena Seiple

by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Jamie Buffalari-

Building Hot Curves
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview
with NPC Bodybuilder Lindsay Mulinazzi

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green


2007 Kentucky Pro Figure and NPC Championships Review
by Juan Carlos Lopez

Michelle Flake

The promoter Brent Jones brought the first ever pro show to Louisville, Kentucky pulling all kinds of great efforts to organize this event. The Kentucky Muscle show (www.kentuckymuscle.com) itself is similar to the Europa Pro show and other strength and powerlifting expo events such as the defunct GNC Show of Strength. Friday afternoon included Jenny Lynn Figure seminar and the night was solely dedicated to amateur Figure and included a good amount of female competitors probably around 80. Saturday morning was scheduled at 11am for pro figure and 12:30pm the NPC bodybuilding started. Simultaneously the powerlifting and armwrestling events took place in Hall A of the Kentucky International Convention Center.

Darlina Brown

We will start our review with pro figure as this was the delicatessen of the event for most people. 26 competitors showed up for the last pro figure event of the year, it was not only historic to get that number of competitors for a first time pro show but also the quality was present. Michelle Flake was hot on a streak and took first place after having won the Sacramento show the past weekend. Mary Jo Cooke took second, her 4th time getting this same placing at pro competitions. In 3rd first timer Brenda Smith winner of the C class at the 2007 Jr. Nationals in Chicago got the qualification for the 2008 Olympia. In 4th place Darlina Brown who looked stunning as always, I don't think I have ever seen this woman out of shape even in her offseason she looks spectacular. Pulling a few pounds from her body and getting tighter in her lower body she was a hard package to beat. Sheri Salvadori nailed another top 5 and is getting up there close to the Olympia. From the other competitors it was notable competitors such as Liane Siewald who probably brought one of the best packages. Jelena Abbou with her millimetric waist and upper body conditioning distinguishes very well. April Fortier who had gotten lower callouts was tighter than her pro debut at the Sacramento and ended up placing a bit better in the end. April is guaranteed to be one of the competitors to watch out for in 2008, excellent presentation and a tight physique. Pia Marlen Johnsen was also looking stunning, one of the best packages to ever come out, with good muscle but still the lines and fullness of muscle was impressive. Good job Pia.

Vicky Smith

The NPC Figure included good quality competitors, Class A was for Vicky Smith who had a balanced physique and good conditioning. Keisha Pedigo placed 2nd and Siouxsie Gisselberg who has a very compact and tight physique took 3rd. Marjan Washington with great quad development took 4th and Beth Ferman 5th.

Tamara Amend

Class B brought us in first place national level competitor Tamara Amend who now trains with pro Marie Gibbon. Tamara had been absent from competitions and is now ready to get back to it. Ira Smith took 2nd place and was well balanced and with good conditioning giving the judges a tough challenge. Kimberly Castle 3rd place, Marcy Percy in 4th and Autumn Cleveland from Team Metamorphosis took 5th.

Megan McBride

Class C was for Megan McBride a native from Ohio who made the trip down there. Very good conditioning and good shape, she will be a top notch competitor at Nationals. Amy Martin another very good physique took 2nd place, Amy also exudes great potential. Cindy Herrin 3rd, Amanda White 4th and Regina Bass in 5th. Beth King was also another competitor from Team Metamorphosis who really showed up with a great physique, she could have placed even better.

Christian Hammond

Christian Hammond who has a great look and National level shape pleased the judges with her physique and got her the 1st place at this class. Brenna Thomlinson took 2nd, Amanda Moran who competed with a brace and broken ankle managed a 3rd place at the open figure. Karin Ehrschwendtmet took 4th and well conditioned Megan May 5th. Noteworthy was Rachel Meek who at only 20 years old has already the shape and muscle of a season veteran.
The overall was a tough call as each competitor depending on the judging style could have won the class. They were all strong but one had shape, another conditioning etc.. the decision was taken and Tamara Amend took the show as she included many of the qualities the judges wanted.

Amanda Moran

Masters Figure included some of the open figure competitors and was also rather large. Marcy Percy took class A and Shelly Rosenthal took the tall class and also the overall. For Masters over 45 again it was noteworthy for Amanda Moran to win it but also compete in open as well with her broken foot. Most competitors would pull out but this lady has some pants...

Female bodybuilding was small in comparison to figure and the overall was for Jill Lundee who as a heavyweight had a good amount of muscle. If even with some unusual accident with her attire she continued her routine like a true champ. Noteworthy was Donna Williams who won the lightweight class, she is another member of Team Metamorphosis who is operated by Natalie Barnett NPC National level competitor.


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