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2007 Ms. Olympia, Figure & Fitness Olympia Photos and Results

2007 Ms. Olympia, Figure & Fitness Olympia Review

2007 Olympia Weekend Expo Photos

2007 Atlantic City Pro-Am Photos and Results

2007 Atlantic City Pro-Am Review

20 Questions with Cover Model

Video Interview with Cover Model and NPC Figure Nikki Warner

Nikki Warner, Amanda Bryant, Claire Parmley, Lindsay Cope and Rachel Carraway

Video Interview with IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Irina Veselova

The Package
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Post Contest Bloating Blues
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Ask Misty
by Misty Green


Ask Misty by Misty Green

Dieting has always been so tough for me and I find that I have little cheats all the time.  I know it has an effect on my overall look the day of the show.  I could come in looking so much better and be happier with myself if I could just find a happy medium for my terrible sweet tooth!  Are there any suggestions you have for me?!
Sweet Tooth Cindy, Michigan

Jean Jitomir

Cindy, this is something many of us out there face when it comes time to diet.  I have a sweet tooth as well and I admit it takes work not to let it get the best of me.  First and foremost, if you are working with a trainer, ask for his/her help or if the following I’m about to mention is feasible to add into your diet.  I work with Nick Varga (envyfitness@hotmail.com) and he came up with a great idea a couple of years ago to help my sweet tooth cravings.  I make protein pancakes every night for my final meal. 

Protein Delight protein powder (tons of different flavors)
Egg whites
Vermont sugar free syrup

For every scoop of protein, mix with 2 egg whites, couple tablespoons of sugar free syrup & water (keeps the pancakes moist).  It will be different for each person depending on the calories you are taking in.  Mix everything up and pour it into the pan just like you would with typical pancake batter! Then EAT!
Also, another sweet treat I have once a week are crystal light sugar free slushies.  You can usually find them at 7/11 stores or places similar.  If not, you can also make your own at home.  Just blend ice, water and your choice of crystal light flavor!
I hope this helps! Stay strong, think positive and always have fun with what you are doing!

**Side Note**
I get quite a few emails asking specific training questions from male and female hardfitness readers about putting on muscle mass in the off-season for various body shapes and sizes.  I know it takes me a little time to get back to each of you. There are so many of you and just one of me, so I wanted to provide all of you with a place you can get some of your questions answered pretty quickly on these types of topics.  Tim Gardner (Body*Tech Fitness Emporium) has a designated message board on muscular development and I know you will appreciate his expertise! Check it out at: http://forums.musculardevelopment.com/


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