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by Juan Carlos Lope

2007 Team Universe Photos and Results

2007 Houston Pro Figure and NPC John Sherman Classic Photos and Results

2007 Houston Pro Figure and NPC John Sherman Classic Review

2007 USAs Figure and Bodybuilding Nationals Photos and Results

2007 USAs Figure and Bodybuilding Nationals Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and FAME Figure Gail Sanez

Video Interview with Cover Model and FAME Figure Gail Sanez

IT Band Syndrome
by Sandra Augustin

Gail Sanez, Brandie Gardner, Jamie Justin, Lori Steele and Consuelo Rojas

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Video Interview with IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Jennifer Sedia

What's in a Body fat test
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Video Interview with NPC Figure Rachel Carraway

Supplement Essentials
by Rebecca Slatt

Ask Misty
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Video Interview with NPC Figure Gemma Santos

Good Lunge, Bad Lunge: A Guide to Great Glutes by Jean Jitomir


USAs Figure and Bodybuilding Nationals Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Las Vegas, NV was once more the city that would host the USAs. At weigh-ins you could see the number of women had multiplied even to over 160, even female bodybuilding classes included 15 or more in the light heavys. The heat in Las Vegas was suffocating and given the hotel and venue not being in the same place it would wreak some havoc on competitors' tans. The show split into two: Figure one piece and men's bodybuilding Friday late afternoon and Saturday AM two piece figure and women's bodybuilding.

Desha Rodriguez

Figure class A usually consists of many experienced competitors and is usually a class that is important in regards to names. There were a lot of new names which can tell us the life span of competitors is decreasing or a bigger newer group is coming along this year. Desha Rodriguez took class A and her pro card, Carin Hawkins took second and doing her first set of shows. Mary Cencich third and also sounds like a first National for her. Shelly Rego took 4th who is an actual veteran in competing, even going back to the original Monica Brant days. Jessica Madden took 5th and also newer to National level shows. Monica Mark was 6th place but she has such a complete package as far as structure and looks. Gemma Santos also has a great physique but even then placed lower. Jamie Costa great looks and a good package stood out enormously from the others. Another interesting physique was Crystal Lowery she has a lot of potential for sure.

Nikki Warner

Class B was for Allison Jones who was been around the National level stage for 2 years now. Chrissy Burton the winner of the Contra Costa took 2nd and with the same package as she brought to the Contra. Michelle Woodward has also been around National level shows and is getting more noticed. Stacy Garcia a newcomer for Nationals took 4th. Janae Stewart also sounds like a newcomer to these shows took 5th place. Janae has an interesting look and should take advantage outside the stage. From the others Bea Fox, Nikki Warner, Denise Rose looked very good and could have placed much better.

Erin Heath

Class C had more experienced names on it and around 25 competitors so it wasn't too big or too small. Lynn Widdowson the star of the Tuesday Night Book Club which got cancelled after two episodes won her pro card. Erin Heath the winner of the Emerald Cup took second and has to win her pro card in North Americans or the prophecy shall be broken. Emily Nicholson took 3rd place bringing a nice shape and balance. In 4th newcomer Holly Semanoff and 5th place Jessica Norlander. Must say Michelle Anderson brought up a great package and could have placed better. Also Wendi Murray could have been easily top 3 with her balanced physique.

Danielle Kifer

Class D was for fitness/figure April Fortier who is actually from Northern California. Danielle Kifer took second and was probably extremely close to the winner as she brought her best package ever. Tracy Guarino with a darker hair color took 3rd, Lillian Granillo 4th and newcomer Brooke Brusch took 5th. This class did include very different physiques in the top 5. Jessica Troha, Felicia O'Neal and Courtney Paul could have placed much higher and have great physiques in general.

Danielle Edmonds

Probably the largest class was Class E whose winner Catherine Anderson brought a softer package than some of the other winners of each class. Danielle Edmonds in contrast to Anderson was very well conditioned as always. Natalie Calland also well conditioned and veteran at National shows. Amanda Quinlan took 4th and Angela Watson 5th. In 6th place Veronica Miller could have crept up a little higher. Lyndsay Cope impressed everyone at 20 years old with her amazing body. A larger number of competitors that placed lower had usually placed top 10. With these larger classes its hard for judges to be able to place competitors well.

Jessica Wright

Class F always a competitive class was taken by Jessica Wright, Stephanie McDonald took 2nd and Jamie Reed third. Maria Rogers doing her first national has a great structure and took 4th. Nancy Georges also with a great shape but took 5th place. Among the others Jamie Justin looked amazing as always, Brandie Gardner, Mendi Sakamoto, Kerstin Khalfani and Heather Skaar. The tallest class has always great competitors and this year missed the presence of the all mighty Misty Green...

Bodybuilding was smaller in the lower weight classes and much more populated in the heavier ones. Lightweights was won by Galina Serdtsev who defeated by a few points Beth Wachter. Tracy Witherspoon in 3rd, Melinda Williamson and Tricia Travis from Arizona in 5th.

Galina Serdtsev

The middleweights had a clear winner in Jennifer Sedia who had the balance and the best conditioning. Diana Tinelle took second and Kelly Dobbins third. Sally Taylor from Arizona took 4th and Holley Robey took 5th.

Jennifer Sedia

The light heavies were hard to judge, but Angela Salvagno won over Star Blaylock and perhaps it was a tie on the scoresheets. Karen Choat was unreal, very shredded and looked amazing. Beverly DiRenzo not as massive as last year but still looking good. Holly Geerson has improved a lot and placed 5th. In 6th came in Christine Sabo who could have crept in the top 5 easy. Good competitors to watch out for again is Casey Daugherty and Theresa Hendricks.

Angela Salvagno
Michele Neil

The heavyweights were disputed heavily, Michele Neil edging Sheila Bleck who was the crowd favorite. Neil might have been more shredded but Sheila Bleck's physique painted a canvas of ethereal balance. Julia Stamper placed 3rd with her massive physique. Candy Canary 4th and veteran Dianne Solomons took 5th. It seems that mass does play an important role if you look at the top 5-10.
Overall went to Jennifer Sedia who was without doubt the best of them all, most will think a lightheavy or heavy will win like in previous years but judges did the right thing and Sedia got her pro card.

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