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by Juan Carlos Lope

2007 Team Universe Photos and Results

2007 Houston Pro Figure and NPC John Sherman Classic Photos and Results

2007 Houston Pro Figure and NPC John Sherman Classic Review

2007 USAs Figure and Bodybuilding Nationals Photos and Results

2007 USAs Figure and Bodybuilding Nationals Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and FAME Figure Gail Sanez

Video Interview with Cover Model and FAME Figure Gail Sanez

IT Band Syndrome
by Sandra Augustin

Gail Sanez, Brandie Gardner, Jamie Justin, Lori Steele and Consuelo Rojas

Decoding Artificial Sweeteners
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Jennifer Sedia

What's in a Body fat test
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview with NPC Figure Rachel Carraway

Supplement Essentials
by Rebecca Slatt

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Figure Gemma Santos

Good Lunge, Bad Lunge: A Guide to Great Glutes by Jean Jitomir


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

There has been a large amount of competitors at National shows probably more than ever and in this editorial after three big Nationals have taken place and three more to go, there are some details about them that some people don't know.

May I See Your ID?

As the NPC is changing their standards as far as physiques it seems to be also going for younger competitors. While younger competitors don't have the muscle maturity or conditioning they can have symmetry and balance. We are not talking about matching calves with shoulders but in general a good v-taper with a small waist. A pretty face can help a lot even if its not part of the physique, in other countries such as Mexico 30% of the score is facial beauty. Canada has now elected to follow the NPC standards and last Nationals favored some younger competitors but other more muscular ones were placed lower. The reality is that a younger pro competitor can do two things win her pro card and compete for 10+ years or she can just fall into a black hole and never again compete. So far we haven't seen the first because not that many competitors have been around that long to show it but it is possible given they understand how to market themselves and can work around the industry rather than just try to attain impossible goals. The latter which throws competitors in a midst of chaos in their personal lives or probably just makes them feel a pro card is the ultimate achievement. But young competitors are creeping in and soon might dominate the pro ranks. We will see almost all under age 30 competitors competing at high level pro shows.

Pecking Order

There are cases such as a competitor who has tried over 5 years to get her pro card and sometimes they finally get it due to having paid her dues. Sometimes they will never get it and banish from the industry forever. Judges have to see you specially in figure, the more shows you do its more likely you will get your pro card sooner. Given the amount of competitors in each class (30+) at Nationals judges are human and can overlook people and sometimes whoever they see most or know most might do better. Sometimes by being helpful in the industry it can also help enhance your pecking order. But associating with non-grata persona can also deter your pecking order. And this happens believe it or not many times, so ladies be careful what you do. But there can be a paradoxical turn, sexy for example is not bad. Its just logical, the NPC needs the best image possible from their athletes that will represent them. But then again if they are looking for a different look which seems to be going on now then who knows what is going to happen. Anything can happen in this industry so just remember that.


A subjective sport will always have judges, and being humans it can be subjective. The NPC and other associations do throw away the high and low scores in order to avoid any malicious or favorable placings. But politics in every issue in life will be apparent, in a sport where there is no finish line or goals scored other factors can surely affect the end result. Most of the time bodybuilding is very standard but figure and not so much fitness can become a victim of subjectivity. Now that Canada (CBBF) is making changes to their style of judging it has become apparent that it can become very subjective. Figure is too young to really determine what they are looking for so it can be a hit or miss, come in with your best package and hopefully you will win.



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