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by Juan Carlos Lope

2007 NPC Jr. Nationals

2007 NPC Jr. Nationals Review

2007 CBBF Fitness and Figure Nationals

2007 CBBF Fitness and Figure Nationals Review

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by Kaisa Piippo

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Ask Misty
by Misty Green

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Monica Brant Secret of Beauty DVD Review
by Juan Carlos Lopez

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Ask Misty
By Misty Green

Cardio Alternative
I have been running and doing a circuit type program for my cardio up until about a month ago.  Somehow I managed to hurt my ankle and didn’t let it heal properly when I first injured it.  So now running and other weight bearing activities are out of the question.  I was hoping you could give me an idea of a non-impact cardio workout that will still get my heart rate up.  I am going crazy not being able to do some type of cardio activity.

Misty Green

Theresa, I can absolutely sympathize with your dilemma.  First and foremost you should always check with your physician before starting any type of new program.  With that being said, I myself have torn ligaments in both of my ankles and understand your frustration.  Back when I ran track & field in college, when I first injured my ankles, I was introduced to the AquaJogger ( http://aquajogger.com/default.htm ).  I still to this day do a pool work out twice a week just to give my body a break from all the pounding.  Some may think that a pool work out is simple and easy, but I can guarantee it will kick you in the butt.  It’s a great non weight-bearing workout that will get your heart rate going.  You can do various types of speed and endurance workouts in the pool.  Here is a small sample of workouts you can try to get you going:
Things to know to understand workout:
*AquaJogger is worn around the waist (I myself use the belt only and haven’t used the foot pads or arm          weights, I suggest trying it with just the belt first)
*Workout is to be done in the deep end of the pool and your feet are not to be touching the bottom of the   pool
*Your form should mimic a running motion, don’t let yourself lean to far forward throughout workout or else you are swimming instead of running
*warm up is a light jog (deep end)
*hard = running as hard as you can
*easy = slow pace run (active rest)
*cool down = same as warm up

Misty Green


Workout #1
10 min warm up
1min hard, 1min easy (repeat this 10 – 15 times, depending on how you feel)
10 min cool down

Workout #2
10 min warm up
30sec fast; 1min easy (repeat this 15 times)
10 min cool down

Workout #3
10 min warm up
1min hard, 1min rest (repeat 5 times)
15 sec hard, 30 sec rest (repeat 5 times)
10 min cool down

I hope you enjoy these workouts.  Continue to train hard and have fun throughout your fitness journey!

Misty Green

*On a side note, I just recently moved to Florida and I wanted to send a thank you to Tim & Brandie Gardner and everyone at Body*Tech Fitness Emporium (http://www.bodytechonline.com/ ).  It’s always tough moving to a new area and finding just that perfect new place to work out, you know, where you feel at home.  Everyone at Body*Tech has welcomed me with open arms and it truly is a supportive environment, no matter what your fitness goals are. If you’re ever in the area swing by and check them out. You will absolutely love the energy & environment they have to offer!

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