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2005 Arnold Classic Review by HardFitness

2005 Arnold Expo by HardFitness

2005 Arnold Fashion Show
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2005 SF Pro Review
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ATTENTION: 2005 Canadian Fitness/Figure Nationals Cover Model Search prizes awarded!
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Andrea Dumon Hardfitness sponsored athlete for the Emerald Cup
by Andrea Dumon

What you need to know about using Prescription Supplements for fitness/figure competitions (an article about steroids and pre-contest stacks)
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Women Seeking Leg Definition by Abby Eyre

Arms Training by Kristi Wills

Glutes Training
by Andrea Dumon

The Line of Competitive Obsession
by Shelly Pinkerton

Lynsey Beattie- Ahearne Video Interview Footage from the SF Pro Show

Road to Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals: Kim Birtch, on Training and Water Depletion
by Kim Bitch

Pictorials featuring Lynsey Beattie- Ahearne, Michelle Troll, Emery Miller, Mandy Polk, Stacy Hylton

Surviving the Post Contest Blues
by Brittany Thorsch

Stacy Hylton Video Interview From the Olympia 2004

Show Schedule for 2005
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Interview with Rhonda Riley by HardFitness

Will Compound and Abdominal Exercises Thicken my Waist? by Asha Menon

20 Questions with our cover model Lynsey Beattie- Ahearne
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Strut that Stuff
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Tanning and Bikini Bite
by Kristi Wills

Nubian Princess (Anabolic Steroid Use of a Female Bodybuilder)
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Bodybuilding Christine Brandon Video Interview Footage from 2004 Dallas Nationals

The Real Deal Between Me and JC: How I Got Sponsored for the Emerald Cup

I met Juan Carlos (JC as I have nicknamed him) at the Iron Man Finals. I had just received my trophy and was celebrating when I was introduced to JC. He has been friends with my trainer, Ernie Villegas, for some time and I have heard his name several times before. After introductions and some conversation, the subject of shooting the next morning came up. I was thrilled that I would be able to get a photo shoot in while I was still in contest shape, but then I looked down at my cocktail and realized that that probably wasn't a good idea if I was to be in a bikini again the next morning. much for celebration, eh? Wrong!

I convinced JC to go with a group of us down to a club in Hollywood and have some fun. We definitely had fun, some of us a little too much fun but I won’t mention names, and made it back in the wee hours of the morning. Exhausted (but sober!!), I was able to manage a few hours of sleep before our photo shoot. Challenged with lack of sleep and uncooperative weather, we came out with a great shoot and the photo that would put me on the cover of his online magazine, I am very proud of that picture and thrilled that JC put that on his cover!! Working with him was great, he is very talented and had some great ideas despite the fact that we were limited due to the weather! I have established a wonderful friendship and contact in Juan Carlos and was even more thrilled when he offered me sponsorship to the Emerald Cup. Not only will I have the chance to shoot with him again (I am from Seattle and I promise him some great places to shoot!!) but he will be able to see me take Seattle by storm!! Ok…confidence helps, doesn't it??

In an industry where we are all trying to get ahead and make our “mark”, it is so refreshing to see individuals who care and will help the athlete get to his or her dream! My family has never seen me compete and this will be the first chance they get to and I have to thank Juan Carlos for that! He has been in my corner since the Iron Man and I can’t wait to see just how far we will both go this season with our respective careers!

So if you see me or Juan Carlos, please introduce yourself and let us know who you are. Getting out and networking is how you get these opportunities and to meet the awesome people who make it happen!! It also helps if you know some great night clubs in the city you are at…right JC??


When covering a show I try to talk to the competitors I think have potential or that are in their prime. Doing a shoot with someone in their best shape is invaluable because all their hard work and dieting can be put on photos/videos and remembered forever. Scheduling a shoot for the next day on a Saturday night after the show is hard. Most competitors can't shoot because they fly out early in the morning. Some just want to relax and don't really care about doing a shoot. But there are some like Andrea that do care and want to get some photos. It helped that she had an open schedule on Sunday after the show. Also the fact that I knew her trainer and she had heard my name before. But besides that she was willing to shoot and looked great.

Our shoot despite the rainy weather at the Ironman was great. We managed to get the cover photo of Issue #2 even when it was raining by putting together two tables with umbrellas, thanks to Dave actually for that. Besides having a killer physique Andrea had a great attitude at the shoot, being able to hit the right poses and smile all the time.

It was only that short time we shot that she really convinced me she would be worth to sponsor to the Emerald Cup one of her next shows I would be attending. And what really makes me think she is worth the money and time is her great personality which shines everywhere she goes. Well her physique is great too that is for sure.

So for other competitors out there who read this, there is a chance for everyone but make sure to be wiling to take chances as you never know what will happen. If you don't feel like shooting because you placed really low or other personal problems, at least return calls/emails or send out emails some days after the show. These small details will tell people who you really are.

I've heard the same phrase over and over "I don't know what show i'll be doing next because of the money, it's such an expense". Or the phrase "I switched to Figure because Fitness is to expensive, the suits, the choreography, etc..." I've talked to at least two competitors that would have had the opportunity to be sponsored and they didn't seem interested. They would say "yes, i'd be interested" but not only their attitude was terrible but they weren't really wanting it that much for whatever reason they thought. So be on the lookout in 2005 for HardFitness ladies, it might just be your chance.






































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My philosophy on getting into shape and being fit is not just the aesthetic look to it but the balance of the body and the mind. A strong body reflects that of a strong and sound mind. There is no “quick fix” to getting into a shape it takes hard work, dedication, and consistency to achieve your goals. But once you reach your goals it is amazing to see just how much farther you can go beyond that of which you already achieved, and that is where the reward lies!! We all have “inner athletes” in us and it is my job to pull it out of you and let you see what you are truly made of!!
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