Issue #22


by Juan Carlos Lopez

2006 Sacramento IFBB Figure Pro and NPC Show

2006 Sacramento IFBB Figure Pro and NPC Show Review

20 Questions with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Juliana Malacarne

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro and Cover Model Juliana Malacarne

Juliana Malacarne, Jitka Harazimova, Erika Branich, Crystal Callans, Heather Green

Top 5 Oatmeal Recipes
by Kaisa Piippo

The Story of Heather Bear
by Heather Bear

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Julie "DJ" Wallis

The Colors of Figure (Make Up Tips)
by Linda Cusmano

Upper Leg Stretches Utilizing HPL Resistance Bands
by Summer Montabone

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Mindi O'Brien

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro Gina Camacho


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

After a well deserved break (hardly a break given it was only a few weeks) another show to be covered this time in Sacramento, California. The first note is regarding the clear ability for Mr. John Tuman judge and promoter to give us a show that everyone feels like family. AJ from Bail Bonds is also a big supporter of competitions and has helped sponsoring the show.

For the Sacramento Pro show HardFitness sponsored Juliana Malacarne from Brazil. We were very happy with the results and possibly will be sponsored again for her next couple shows. Being from Brazil and having competed in only 3 shows so far the physique she presents is very balanced. She only needs to compete at more shows in order to judges be able to reward her more. She has brought down the muscle for the new IFBB judging. Expect to see Juliana in more shows this coming 2007.

The Evil That Men Do

The above topic is a movie from 1984 also a song from Iron Maiden from their "Seventh son of a Seventh son" album. So why touch this topic? It seems that more and more people are at it, gossip and talking things about others. One thing is to discuss with a friend what they heard, it could be a rumor or not but at least try to figure out it first. There are stories about competitors who have stopped working with trainers for one reason or another. There are stories about people in the industry in general which have been caused by miscommunication given that all these people see each other relatively few times. I get to hear just about as many stories as you can think about. Many times I hear one version from person a and then person b says something different but then you join the stories and it was a simple misunderstanding, but for this they hate each other forever. From my experience people are good (until corrupted by society - Jean-Jacques Rousseau) until they feel jealousy or envy that is when they decide to harm or do things to others. Sometimes people will assume incorrect things given their needs, and they do it just to harm others. This is just a reminder to people as Thanksgiving is coming soon. Try to get along better with each other to avoid more problems.


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