Issue #175


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Mindy Muylaert

Mindy Muylaert, Shelby Talon, Robyn Kimsey, Ana Da Oliveira & Amie Adcock

Train Your Core Not Your Abs! by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Cover Model Mindy Muylaert


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Hello once again here is another editorial! Hot topic here in July 2020: Coronavirus pandemic- should we wear masks in public or not?

It is no question that the USA has mishandled the pandemic. At first there was a delay in action, and misinformation about how contagious the virus is. Now states and counties are ruling that masks/face coverings must be worn in public. While it is scientific that anything less than an n-95 mask can't really help protect against such a small thing as this virus, masks do physically prevent propulsion of droplets when someone sneezes or coughs. But should people be forced to wear them?

Some gyms are saying yes you need a mask at all times at the gym so they can prove they should stay open. Some say only when in bathroom, and walking around the gym. It is a matter of trying to slow the rate of spreading the disease and at the same time allowing businesses and people the freedom to work and make their money. I think wearing a mask is a small inconvenience for the most part, and it is only temporary. The more people continue to practice mask wearing, the more businesses can remain IN business!

Another question, should competitors have to wear masks on stage in a competition? In my Instagram poll on the 4th of July, 74% of my voters think they should NOT wear masks on stage. A few competitions have passed within this pandemic by now, and they did have the competitors wear masks backstage, and when they were out and walking around. But not on stage. The Motherload in Reno for example, they required masks offstage, but not onstage for the competitors.


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