Issue #173


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Mandy Harbin

Mandy Harbin, Theresa Shupe, Iveth Carreon, Renee Porter & Rinnah Chapman

Training Your Shoulder Girdle for Good Posture
by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Diana Pelaez


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Hello my fellow fitness fans! Hope you are reading this healthy and well. As I am writing this, Summer is upon us amidst the pandemic of Covid-19.

Even without a vaccine in place yet, the United States has begun to lift some of the quarentine measures. Here in California, some gym owners have resisted the mandates for their gyms to remain closed until a further stage of reopening. I have heard of a few by now that have decided to open back up anyways. I myself miss the gym and real heavy weights and machines, but I do feel that it will be a risky move to open up institutions like gyms too early.

Some precautions that my local gyms have said they will do will be to have everyone wear a face covering, sanitze and wipe down everything they touch before and after use, and that they will rope off every other cardio machine. Also increased cleaning by their janitors. Will these new protocols actually help prevent more spread of the disease or will it be futile? Time will tell!


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