Issue #172


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Julie Bezerra

Julie Bezerra, Danielle Eells, Ambre McKee, Theresa Shupe & Adela Ondrejovicova

Keep Your Joints Healthy While Lifting
by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Cover Model Julie Bezerra


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Welcome back to my editorial! Time seems to slip away in these months of the Covid-19 pandemic. What a crazy time to live through.

I see everyone impacted in some way. From my models who are on the front lines as medical professionals for example, to others losing loved ones, jobs and their lives overturned. What a cmoplex situation that we have to navigate! Recently, the Olympia 2020 was announced to change it's date to December 16-20 and venue to Planet Hollywood in the Zappos theater. Flu season is typically in the fall and winter, peaking between December and February. Time will tell if this new date will hold up, but I still think we won't have an Olympia 2020 at all.


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