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20 Questions with Cover Model Lindsey Dias

Lindsey Dias, Vanessa Mejia, Fanny Swerkstrom, Maddy Curley & Marissa Remy

Fantastic Four Forearm Exercises
by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Cover Model Lindsay Dias


Fantastic Four Forearm Exercises
By Toni Orban

Let’s be honest here, when people notice your fit physique or toned body they usually don’t say “Nice Forearms!”  And when we set out to improve our bodies— most of us set goals to improve our waistlines, bums, and guns.  These are the noticeable “trophies” of hard-earned gym time. Yet, without strong forearms with stamina you will be hard pressed to finish or max out a lot of lifts that are requisite the rest of your body. Yes, grip strength is needed. For example, have you ever performed upright rows to max out deltoids? Upright rows are great shoulder-cap builders, yet if you have wimpy forearms you will not be able to withstand the loads/reps that the pennate muscle group; the deltoids can carry to maximize improvement.
It is true in upper-body exercises: presses, pulling the forearms: the extensors and flexors get worked. That is the forearms get worked when you lift or push weight period.  Thus, some people don’t ever even do focused forearms work. Oh sure, some genetic freaks of nature (is that PC to say?)  never do focused forearm work— they have the ‘Popeye Gene’. Kidding aside, genetics do play a role in calf and forearms particularly when it comes to coveted thick, ripped ones. You know what I am talking about muscle belly and tendon length, size, shape and proportion are DNA--- but anyone can improve on what they have. And in our niche yes, it’s about the aesthetic, but it’s also about functionality. Don’t you want to be the one at the party that can open the jar of condiments? Anyhow improving your forearm strength and performance can help you in the rest of your goals by improving stamina and strength needed for all your other lifts!


Exercise ONE: 4 sets/ 15 reps 1 min Rest.
Reverse Barbell Curls.
(You can use the same bar for the next exercise). EZ Curl bar (see image)[1]  Now this exercise hits a lot of bulk musculature of the brachium (the upper arm area sans targeting biceps. Therefore, you could pair it on arms day. The point is this exercise blasts a very IMPORTANT forearm muscle called the brachioradialis. And if you have nice forearms this is the POPEYE muscle. Indeed, your eyes will pop when you see hyper-developed ones!THIS GUY HAS A BIG ONE (see image).[2]  That image is of course Arnold Schwarzenegger and he had glorious forearms. It is the muscle in the antebrachium (forearm) crosses the elbow flexes it and is capable of flexion and supination (depending upon arm position). It originates on the humerus and inserts onto the styloid process of the radius, near the thumb side of your wrist. Strengthening this muscle will not only help you open jars it will help you kick ass in arm wrestling. Do Reverse Curls!

Exercise TWO 4 sets/ 15 reps 1 min Rest:
Reverse EZ Curl bar Wrist Curls. If you have access to an EZ Curl bar that is preferred.  The angle of the bar allows you grip to be slightly neutral in pronation. (see photo)[3]  You can do this with a dumb-bells as well [4] .  Now let’s do FOUR sets of 15 reps at a weight that really produces a burn!

*Forearms and calves are what we call postural muscles. Generally, muscle fiber distribution is Type 1 muscle fibers (also called “slow-twitch” fibers) don’t fatigue easily, but they’re not very powerful. Fiber distribution type training may be debatable, but I will tell you if you try to do heavy loads on Reverse Barbell Curls you will not get far. Go for higher lighter weight around 15 reps, with good form. Yes, go for the burn. We all have different muscle fiber type distribution but for the most part TYPE 1 is found in forearms and is best for repetition. Thus, it found in the musculature where it is needed: We use are hands a lot as humans! The intelligent design of our bodies follows this law of physiology. Form follows function.
I have included a nice academic article if you want to further read on about muscle fiber distribution and theoretical training. [5]


Exercise THREE 4 sets/ 15 reps 1 min Rest:
Dumb-bell Wrist Curls. (See image) [6]
This primarily works your flexors of the forearm. This is needed in nearly all grips that exercise specifically the biceps! You bet! If you are targeting biceps you should supinate and supinated grip and curling the wrist toward you is going to maximize your biceps lifts too. You follow?


Exercise FOUR 4 sets/15 rolls—each wrist or to fatigue.
Bar Rolling. (No, this has nothing to do with taking advantage of drunks at a bar!)
You can use a straight barbell for this exercise or craft your own like this video I found on Bodybuilding.com [7]

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