Issue #160


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Michele DaSilva

Video Interview with Pro Figure Michele DaSilva

Michele DaSilva, Rachel Fechner, Rachel Miles, Nicola Denise, Kelly Nayoukas

Fast and Furious Four Cycle Forearms Blast
by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Kristy Mitchell


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Olympia is coming and we will have a booth again #649. We will be annoucing the models on our social media!

An interesting story to tell, i see a lot of models do this to photographers so wanted to chime in my 2 cents. So when a model does a shoot it can be either 1) Trade for work (both have the rights) 2) Pay Model 3) Pay Photographer 4) a mix of any of these. So a model was paid she signed a release form and you end up using one of her images on your social media. Granted the release form allows you to post whatever image you want and the model has no choice. We all have different opinions so let's say you pick an image that you like and post it and get 80-100 likes. Well that says other people liked it. So model contact you desperately (as they always do) and asks you to take it down. Now most unprofessional photographers would totally take it down even when they have the right to use it. The model may not like the image but you as owner of the image have the right to post it. If you are doing this as a business you need to stand your ground and run your business as a business. What I want to point out to everyone is that many models do try to bully you into taking it down by saying between the lines that they won't shoot with you if you don't take it down. The model is being very unprofessional here, ladies if you sign a release form abide to it. Be professional.


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