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by Juan Carlos Lopez

Emerald Cup 2006 Photos and Results

Emerald Cup 2006 Review
by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 questions with Cover Model: Shaushi Zike

Video Interview with Cover Model Shaushi Zike

Tanji Johnson's Emerald Cup Posing Seminar
by Juan Carlos Lopez

Balancing Training and a Full Time Job
by Traci Redding

Video Interview NPC Figure Michele Cogger

Shaushi Zike, Vanessa Van Overmeer, Michelle Cogger, Jill Knight and Roxana Kreklo

Video Interview with NPC Figure Vanessa Van Overmeer

Shipshape - Fitness on Board
by Rossella Pruneti

Video Interview CBBF Figure Roxana Kreklo

Building Beautiful Biceps
by Tina Jo Orban

Tanji Johnson's Emerald Cup 2006 Posing Seminar by Juan Carlos Lopez

Jennifer Nicholas & Linda Weimer

I was invited again to Tanji's Posing Seminar for the Emerald Cup 2006. It took place again on a Wednesday evening at the Sidekicks Gym in the Redmond area which is about 10-15 minutes from Bellevue. Tanji helps with the posing for the newly named Team Evolution (ex-Max Muscle) which is headed by top nutritionist Pete Grubbs. Posing practice began around 8:30pm in a rainless night. There were about 15 competitors in the seminar probably close to the same number as last year. The only one that I can recall being there in 2005 is Michelle Mayberry. There was new blood and some new competitors that will do very well in their next shows. Names like Angela Stuber, Jennifer Nicholas, Ronda Wilkinson and a few others seemed to be the ones with the most potential.

Various Competitors

The first important detail Tanji touched upon were the way judges would line them up on stage. To some this was old news but for some competitors that did their first show ever this was vital information. Usually judges will place two groups (or even three if needed) in a diagonal form and will start calling out competitors from their place. Sometimes even 4 groups are formed and two of these groups are shadowed by the first group.

Mary Sohnly & Ronda Wilkinson

Tanji shows her competitors support as a team and encouranges them individually. She also asks for feedback from others and this in turn gets more and more feedback for the ladies. Posing seminars can be tedious but Tanji makes her fun and easy for those that participate in it.

Below There are Three Videos From the Seminar. Please click on them in order to see them.

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