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Fat Loss with HIIT Training Easy as One, Two, Three
by Tina Jo Orban

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Fat Loss with HIIT Training Easy as One, Two, Three.
By Toni Orban ACE and ISSA CFT.

Ready for a new approach the fat loss? Ok, well maybe not so new to those in the know. HIIT also known as high intensity interval training is a type of exercise that you can incorporate into your current bodybuilding routine. It requires short burst of anaerobic exercise followed by low intensity short recovery. High intensity interval training has been around for a while. Sprinters have been using it since…well since sprinting was a thing. Thus it is sometimes called sprint interval training as or “SIT” (which of course you won’t be doing to get results). It is a cardiovascular exercise certainly; However, research has shown that this type of training is excellent to improve glucose metabolism. The study demonstrates the basis for high intensity interval training and the metabolic pathway used. It is good for cardiovascular training and great for fat loss! Read on.
This type of training has many different styles, advocates and techniques such as the Tabata Method (which I have tried). That is a 20 second sprint followed by ten second rests (upwards of twenty seconds) for eight cycles. You’ll be done alright! What I have suggested below in this article is a Boot Camp Style Quick and Dirty high intensity interval training routine. This article should help you to bump up fat loss while continuing your current fitness regimen.
You may want to do this program once or twice a month in conjunction with your bodybuilding and aerobic exercise “cardio”. Eponymously, the the snappy title One, Two Three fat-loss routine looks like this: Three sets of Box Jumps, three sets of Jump Squats, and finally three sets of a blast of Burpees.
BOX JUMPS Reps 15. Sets 3. Rest < 1 Minute.
Exercise number ONE: Box Jumps. Find a 3 ft. or 2 ft. Box (or if you prefer outdoors a log) and perform jumps. Powering up your launch by first squatting then jump onto the box or log for 15 jumps as fast as you can no rests. Rest one minute or less between sets.

Jump Squats. Reps 15. Sets 3. Rest < 1 Minute.
Exercise number TWO: Jump Squats. From a crouched position, as in starting in a squat bound up high as you can. Launch your self straight up in the air. Reach hands towards sky for added arm training and proprioceptive enhancement.
Burpees. Reps 15. Sets 3. Rest 1 Minute.
Exercise number THREE: Burpees.
This is a tough exercise and not for wimps! In case you don’t know what a Burpee looks like here is a link of a trainer with great form and speed. He has mixed in a bear crawl which is not protocol for this short routine). To perform Burpees, stand with feet hip width apart. Quickly jump down to the floor with one fluid motion perform a quick controlled push-up, immediately jump up back to your feet and jump high as you can straight up in the air. Repeat. See the link for a sample Burpee.
This ONE, TWO, THREE fat loss routine takes about a 30 minutes. About one minute rests in between with a total of 12 high-intensity minutes of actual workout time. This of course depends on how fatigued you are. Resting periods ideally should be one-minute maximum. But hey, cut yourself some slack if you need it. So depending on you it may actually go over the 30 minutes.
You can add this HIIT to your current fitness regimen/ bodybuilding routine about from bi-weekly or weekly depending on fat loss goals. This type of training is indicated for type two diabetics as well. Now go lose some fat!

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