Issue #145


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Cristina Rifo

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Cristina Rifo

Cristina Rifo, Jennifer Galloway, Anne Dy, Dani Hageman & Jenessa Jean

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Amanda Houk



Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

So much for the Arnold Classic for the 13th year in a row. I can say like a typical old man that previous editions have been better. To live in the past and disdain the present. I would be lying if i told you it was a great this year.

The expo had empty spaces a day before but the Arnold ended up moving things around to give more space to event to make it seem more uniform. The whole convention center was taken up by events of different types such as powerlifting or alternative "fit" events. The amount of booths was much smaller this year than ever before. The quality of the ladies working the booth was even lower as the number of booths decreased. For photoshoots there are just so many events that competitors get stressed out and makes it easier to plan.

The Arnold is making its show more and more convoluted but its losing ground in many ways. The bodybuilding industry in itself is having less booths at the event and less presence due to other events. The Arnold has always been great because they have mixed many types of events but now the bodybuilding part is being affected by other non bodybuilding events. And even the bodybuilding industry is suffering from instamodels and such that it will likely end what we know in a few years.

In summary i do understand its a business and there is money to be made but the expo not being full is surely a financial loss. Let's see how the Olympia pans out.

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