Issue #144


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Andy Borneman

Video Interview with Pro Physique Andy Borneman

Andy Borneman, Angeles Casteran, Nicole Cristell, Nicole Kavala & Tiffany Laumeyer

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Ashley Godfrey

Minimizing your Maximus in Minimal Time
by Tina Jo Orban


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The Arnold is coming up and for sure it will be a different one this time. Seems like the expo has plenty of space still available. The Olympia filled itself rather quickly but announced a forceful media spend of 50% your booth price. Not sure but this wasn't fully enforced according to some sources. The Arnold is a cheaper show regarding getting a booth yet much more traffic and don't try to add extracurricular costs.

We will be having a booth as usual with 4 models, 2017 calendars will be there. Please stop by our booth if you are going there, booth number and such will be announced soon.


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