Issue #138


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Jessica Vetter

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Shauna Cugini

Jessica Vetter, Ashley Weimer, Courtney Mitten, Kanani Gonzales & Laura Walls

2017 Calendar Preview!


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

What is going to happen to fitness?

We all ask what shows will be like in the next few years? Less muscle for sure, and more people wanting to do it.

Being an IFBB Pro was a huge thing, specially for men it was only a few in the world that could get that status. Women also had a huge amount of effort, diet and drugs to work with to be a pro. But new categories have made the IFBB Pro card or pro card in general a very easy thing. Even myself being a genetically limited typical ectomorph could have a crack at a pro card. Hate to be realistic but if someone with limited genetics and no legs can be a pro then almost anyone can be a pro. Why? Its a great business idea, no other time has had this many shows. Its a great business idea for anyone wanting to make extra dollars, start being a promoter.

No guarantees

People ask me what it takes to be a sponsored athlete and not just a person who receives monthly supplements for free but someone who has a company behind them that spends on their shows directly. We do that yes but we want to work with our athletes first, call it work interview or practical interview at the end of the day we want to know how good you are. First step is trying the shoot, some girls think they are already so good they need a guarantee they will be sponsored before they shoot. Sorry that doesn't work for us. Come down from the cloud and see that many other factors depend. Many competitors are up and down personally and posting random new guy they are dating left and right so to be chosen is to be determined. Like a relationship u first want to date before being exclusive.

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