Issue #135


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Allison Sinisi

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Jill McMillin

Allison Sinisi, Megan Granucci, Assunta Catalano, Casey Samsel & Chelsea Keyasko

Video Interview with Pro Physique Lisa Horrigan


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

A perfect storm has brewed in the fitness industry for contest promoters, this is the prime time to create your own show. Of course you won't be able to do whatever you want, your chairman must approve your show and likely take a cut. This is just how it works so realize that before getting into it. If there are hidden unwritten rules then just get out of it.

The fitness industry is at an all time low as far as larger companies, many aren't present at expos and we are getting many new ones that probably won't last. Its a tough market honestly, and new companies only cater to bodybuilders and the owners don't have the proper education and knowledge to run a proper business.


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