Issue #133


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Angela Berglund

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Ashley Carpenter

Angela Berglund, Julia Fory, Meghan Duncan, Melinda Szabo & Amanda Brast

Video Interview with Pro Bikini Francesca Lauren

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Jacki Frye


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

This editorial is dedicated to the social media aspect of so called InstaModels. What is an instamodel? An instamodel is a woman for example who has achieved great number of followers by just having a good look and good habit of posting images. We all know the real test in fitness is competitions, that really determines how good you are. Like in soccer the World Cup determines the best country at it every 4 years. Brazil in the 2014 World Cup was humiliated by Germany by a 7-1 in Brazil during a semi-final match. Brazil came in as the host of that World Cup and had many more famous players than Germany who doesn't have very eccentric players. Brazil has probably more fans than any country in Soccer and they have so much history. But the comparison to draw is that instamodels have done terrible at competitions and have failed due to bad dieting and lack of symmetry. That fad of If it Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) or flexible dieting has been a terrible one since those practicing it or advocating it don't understand not all carbs are created equal, a high glycemic index carb isn't best during regular hours in a day but most affective after your workout when your glycogen stores are emptier. Its an easier way of dieting but no Mr. Olympia has won the title with flexible dieting, so that should tell you its not effective. But it works for fun and to look decent overall.

So the instamodels are actually not that present at some of the larger expos lately, i have been in touch with several of them but very few are going. The problem usually lies with them thinking that they are worth more than they really are. You see the number of followers doesn't matter because following someone is free, what counts if those that spend money. How many followers would follow you if you had to pay $9.99 per month for example? A 2 million instamodel would be reduced to a couple hundrer or even less. You would have to offer some type of service that is beneficial to those people. Instamodels will have exhorbitant rates and unfortunately most companies pass because they are also not that experience. A real model that has tons of experience as funny as it sounds will charge less even with many followers because they know the going rate. You choose, make x amount of money going to an event with what that company offers or make zero dollars and stay home at a very large event that could get you more opportunities. Most of these Instamodels are personal trainers so its not like they need to take time off work. But what does that tell u when someone decides to just stay home? Well to each their own but many models only are Instafamous for a bit and that is all. Good luck to you ladies if you do want to charge a lot, you will see your job offers will be very little. And any company that pays too much will likely not be at that event next year because they aren't spending their money wisely. Just the facts :)


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